Women’s Bags For Every Occasion

If you’re in the market for a new Michael Kors tote handbags, you can find a great selection of women’s bags to choose from at a wide variety of different price points. From casual to chic, there’s a wide selection of styles to choose from, from satchels to fanny packs, from envelope to evening bags, and much more.

Envelope bags

If you are looking for a new addition to your arsenal of baubles, an envelope bag might be the way to go. Basically, it’s a small pouch with a snazzy metal flap that you can tuck into your pocket or purse for safe keeping. This is a smart and safe way to avoid having your credit cards, cash, and passport stolen. Plus, this style of bag isn’t confined to a particular brand or material, so you have a fair chance of finding a purse for every taste and budget.

Envelope bags come in a wide variety of materials, from velvety plush suede to shiny metallics, to microfiber microfiber, to the dreaded polyethylene, to name but a few. Some of the better bags even have internal compartments, ensuring you have the best of both worlds.


When it comes to women’s handbags, satchels have earned their place in the fashion department. They’re not only stylish, but they’re also functional. Whether you’re at work or on the go, a satchel is a smart choice for carrying your everyday essentials.

Satchels have a rich history – they started out as a tool for carrying books. Today, they’re a fashion accessory for both college students and business women. And they can come in an array of colors and materials. If you’re looking for a bag that’s a bit bigger than your average shoulder bag, you can always go for a satchel that comes in leather.

The best thing about satchels is that they’re so versatile. You can wear them as crossbody bags or messenger style. This means that they can fit into a bag for travel and still be stylish enough to carry with you on the weekends. Read more about Maelstrom Hiking Backpack

Sling bags

Sling bags are a convenient way to carry your necessities, and you can wear them in a variety of ways. They’re also stylish, chic, and fashionable. Whether you’re carrying your necessities on vacation, at work, or on the go, you’ll find something to fit your needs.

The Cuyana Small Recycled Sling Bag is an excellent choice for women who need a stylish bag with functional features. This bag is made from 100% recycled plastic and has a wide adjustable strap. It’s also machine washable, making it easy to keep your bag looking like new.

Another option is the Lululemon All Night Festival cross body sling bag. It’s made from water-repellent fabric, and its size makes it ideal for travel. Designed for comfort and style, this sling bag features a zippered front pocket, two interior pockets, and a large, padded tablet sleeve.

Fanny packs

Fanny packs are a great way to keep your hands free. They come in a variety of colors and fabrics, and they’re easy to wear on the go. Whether you’re traveling, exercising, or attending a concert, fanny packs are a smart choice.

The Dagne Dover Ace Fanny Pack is a spacious, gender-neutral fanny pack with three pockets. It features water-resistant fabric and matching color-plated hardware. This bag also includes a zippered back pocket, which makes it easier to access your items.

Yunghe’s Fanny Pack is a waterproof waistbag that has three compartments and a zipper closure system. It fits waistlines of 15.8 to 45.3 inches and is lightweight. A headphone hole is also available, making it perfect for listening to music while on the go.

Evening bags

Evening bags for women are great accessories to complete any ensemble. From a cocktail dress to a more casual attire, they are a must. They add a bit of pizazz to any outfit, ensuring you make a memorable entrance.

The best evening bag will complement your look, without weighing you down. You’ll be able to carry everything you need for a night on the town, including your phone and lipstick, without having to worry about losing any of your precious possessions.

You can get an evening bag in a variety of materials, including woven leather, faux fur, and faux suede. Some even feature removable straps to let you carry it around with ease. Alternatively, you can tuck it across your chest or hang it with a leather strap.

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