First-Time Baby Shower Gift Ideas

To every parent, holding your little version in your arms since the womb escape day and being the ones they look after is a gift from the gods! Express love and happiness to your favourite couple expecting their first baby soon with heart-melting baby shower gifts. The old adage, “It takes a village to raise a child”, is true! The new parents will appreciate baby essentials and tips to be the best parents in the world. However, if you are not yet married or have a baby, choosing the right gifts for the baby shower celebrations can be challenging. Online shopping allows you to arrange personalised gift and flower delivery in Kolkata without breaking the bank or sweat. Read on as we share first-time baby shower gift ideas your favourite couple will appreciate.

Girl/boy cake

Cakes are the essence of all celebrations! Create the best impressions on the parents-to-be with a lip-smacking and well-decorated girl/boy cake. There are many cake designs and flavours that you can incorporate into the cake to express love and best wishes. To get your creative juices flowing, you can check out various options from online bakery stores or simply request creative ideas. Since monitoring the calories is a priority for those expecting, you can go with a healthy vegan or fruit cake, among other options.

Decor Gifts

With the baby on the way, it is surely time to make decorations for the little one! Create lasting impressions on your favourite couple with stunning and creative baby decor gifts. For starters, you can go with a personalisable photo frame, photo lamp, caricatures (like the quirky 1 + 1 = 3), or and calendar.

Baby Skincare Kit

Skincare is a necessity for everyone! Relieve the future parents of the stress of gathering all these essentials with an all-in-one baby skincare kit. You can include items such as face moisturiser, protective facial skin cream, body lotion, and baby lotion. Spruce up the surprise by presenting the kit along with an accessories bag for easy storage. You can also have the accessories bag personalised with names and more!

Baby Clothes Hamper

Clothes for gifts will never go out of style! With a wide range of clothing designs and customisations, there is always something to make the little one cosy on all occasions. Surprise your loved ones with a baby clothes hamper, which includes a variety of essentials from pyjamas to winter wear. You can also take the surprise a step further with customised baby t-shirts with funny messages.


With a lot of cute baby memories, noting down these moments will create a lasting impression! Surprise your favourite couple with an adorable personalisable journal. Easy customisations from gift stores allow you to personalise the journal with space for photos, decorations, and quotes. You can pair the journal gift with a personalised pen, page marker, and highlighters.

Cute Baby Dolls & Toys

Soft toys are cute and comforting. If it so happens that you are miles away from the love of your life – physically. As every kid’s favourite, soft toy gifts are a staple. There is a wide variety of soft toys from which you can choose – some of the most popular toys are Teddy, Barbie, Panda, and Puppy. Surprise the love of your life with a personalised soft toy.

Plant gifts

Plants are gifts that keep on giving, with regular attention and upkeep! Plants have a profound spiritual significance in addition to providing fresh air and colourful backdrops. Spruce up their home with perfect plants to convey your sincere gladness and best wishes because there are so many different types of plants. Choose plants and personalised pots from India’s online florists.

Travel essentials

With many reasons to travel, it is inevitable to avoid going out! However, since your favourite couple already has the essentials for travelling, travel essentials for the baby are necessary. With your beloved couple, the best in their future endeavours with travel essentials for the baby. The essential items to include are a car seat, a sleep nest, and a bag (for diapers, food, & clothing).

Gadgets and accessories

Accessories and gadgets are items that are required for daily living. We can check the heart rate news, the weather, and many other things while travelling thanks to smart devices. Surprise your favourite couple with a power bank, phone case, smartwatch, smart charger, etc.

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