What you need to know about merging PDF files on iOS


Users frequently need to consolidate PDFs into a single file to conserve disc space, to make it simpler to transfer, or to organize their files more effectively. Users can split, merge, and arrange multiple PDF files, photos, and documents using some third-party tools and programmes. Whether they are Windows or macOS, these programmes work with both of these platforms. Many of these apps can be downloaded for Android or iOS-powered smartphones as well. The procedures users must follow in order to merge PDFs on the iOS operating system are described in this article.

On an iPhone, how can I combine PDF images?

An app store PDF editing programme must be downloaded in order to combine photographs on an iPhone. The free PDF editor app is one of many that are offered in the store, but users may also select from other apps like PDF Expert or other third-party tools. iOS devices do not come pre-installed with a specialized PDF editing programme like Preview, in contrast to macOS. Check word to pdf for free!

Another well-liked programme for editing, capturing, and converting excel to pdf is PDF Element. Users must first: before combining their files with PDF Expert or PDFElement: 

  1. A free tool for converting pdf to word
  2. Download their app and open the PDF program
  3. On the app’s interface, click the Edit icon
  4. Select the files you wish to merge and locate them
  5. All selected files will be combined when you press Merge on the bottom

The procedure can be repeated as often as needed by users. Some apps could offer the dual functionality of simultaneously converting and combining photographs using the same tool. However, in most cases, the conversion and merging features operate independently.

Is there a way to combine PDF files on the iPhone?

Any PDF editing tool downloaded to an iOS device makes combining PDF files straightforward. The App Store offers a number of PDF editing programmes, and users should pick one based on the tools that the programme offers. On an iPhone, combining or merging multiple PDF files is quite similar to how it would be done on any other device, including:

  1. Using the PDF editor, open the document
  2. Merge or combine by selecting the appropriate option
  3. Merge the files by finding and selecting them
  4. Once the process is complete, click Merge

Before merging, users might have to specify a location for their new file, but it’s more probable that the new file will show up as the background of the phone’s home screen. The procedure can also be repeated as often as desired by the user.

PDF Tools for This Purpose: How to Choose One

A variety of third-party apps are available for users to pick from that allow users to combine PDFs and carry out other crucial PDF editing tasks. A lot of these third-party applications also provide functionality like document scanning, compression, conversion, and cloud platform syncing. Users’ daily PDF demands can be met extremely well by the two previously mentioned programmes, PDF Expert and PDFElement.

Users may also opt to download more flexible and comprehensive software, which is offered for smartphones as well as other gadgets like desktops or laptops. Users can choose a programme with a tonne of highly adjustable features like Adobe Acrobat. Users can alternatively select a programme like Lumin PDF, which is compatible with Android and iOS devices and offers a user-friendly interface for editing, viewing, compressing, converting, and merging PDF files.

3 out of 10 Americans now read electronic books, did you know that? The Nook, Sony Reader, and Kindle are just a few examples of the devices that have made it possible for users to easily access a vast digital library. We are available to assist you if you are arguing between EPUB and PDF for the format of an e-book you are working on.

Here are some of the most popular formats for ebooks.

Download a PDF

Electronic publication (EPUB) is what it means. The International Digital Publishing Forum was the organization that created this. Because it is so user-friendly, this ebook format is very popular.

Because it can be simply implemented into any gear and distributed, it can be compared to the audio mp3 format. The EPUB format is an open standard that is independent of vendors. Hence, the programme is publically accessible as opposed to being privately held.

quickly create a new PDF file from an Excel document. You can upload an Excel file from your saved folders or just drag it over. Excel to PDF files can be easily created in a few quick steps.

As long as the hardware is compatible, it will work.


The Portable Document Format, popularly known as PDF, was developed in 1993. One of the earliest e-book formats available is this one. PDFs were first designed for business papers and were not intended for e-book readers.

The ability to keep each document’s original layout has made PDFs immensely popular. The layout and any images or videos you included in your document can still be preserved even when there is additional data present, such as photos, 3-D drawings, films, maps, and other graphic-based media. You can even read PDF files in C# using PDFs, as an extra advantage.

A drawback of PDFs is that they can only have static layouts, thus no matter what device you use to view the PDF on, it will always be the same size. You might have to use the zoom option to read the material if you view it on a smaller screen.

To avoid having to constantly zoom in and out to read a book or document, it is recommended to utilize PDFs designed specifically for large screens.


How adaptable each one is is one of their main differences. 100% of PDF files can be edited without any problems. You are free to edit the information, add or remove clauses, or phrases as you see fit.

Unlike EPUB files, however, EPUB files cannot be edited.


The security features built into the application are another distinction between EPUB and PDFs. Adobe adds its own digital security to documents in PDF format. This enables you to encrypt PDF files to stop others from accessing or copying them.

In EPUB, security is very limited because it is an open format. Compared to other formats, EPUB has limited security due to its open format.

Do you know the difference between EPUB and PDF?

You can select the format you want to use now that the EPUB vs. PDF issue has been resolved. There is no right or incorrect format; the important thing is to select the one that best meets your requirements.

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