What Are The Things To Measure Before Stitching Custom Made Blouse?

You can now customize your clothing, even if you buy it online. Some websites or tailoring businesses offer a service to have your blouse stitched, while others offer to have your garment hemmed, such as Silailor, one of the leading and best tailoring service providers available on both online and offline platforms. They are the best online ladies’ tailor service available.

If you are looking for clothing to wear for the holidays or more casual occasions, it is a good idea to choose special tailoring services such as Silailor for saree blouses, lehengas, and salwar suits. It will get you more than just well-fitted clothing; you will also get the best and superior service and a unique experience with our blouse stitching service.

Benefits of Choosing Silailor For Custom Tailoring

  1. Silailor stitching services ensure your items arrive safely and promptly.
  2. Our stitching services help ensure that your clothes are properly repaired if they arrive damaged.
  3. We can help to create a more personalized shopping experience by adding a touch of handiwork to your clothing.
  4. Our stitching services can be a cost-effective way to make repairs or enhancements to your clothing.

Here at Silailor, you do not need to worry about anything. They will provide great service right to your door. Therefore, when shopping for sarees online or any other type of garment, always choose Silailor for their customization and alteration services. This way, you can be sure that the saree you purchase is well-made and fits perfectly with the blouse.

Things To Evaluate When Estimating for A Perfect Blouse Fit

  1. Blouse Length: – To find the correct length for the blouse, first estimate from the shoulder to the point where you want the blouse to end. Make sure the ribbon falls off the shoulder and is not too tight.
  2. For Armhole: – For this dimension, measure around your armpit with the tape measure, but do not keep it too loose, as this could result in gathering fabric near your chest.
  3. For Lower Bust: – To determine the circumference of your blouse, measure from the spot where it ends to the spot where the measurement reaches its fullest point.
  4. For Chest: – Chest measurement is important because you do not want to feel restricted by your sari blouse. Take care to ensure the loop is a consistent size, and make sure the tape measure isn’t slanting at the back.
  5. For Shoulders: – Make sure your chest is straight and not bent or slumped in your shoulders when your frame width is noted.
  6. For Front Neck: – To create a neckline that falls just below your chest, measure down your blouse front, then angle the tape towards the centre of your chest.
  7. For Back Neck: – It is advisable to measure the neck-to-back length separately, rather than copying the neck-front measurement without verifying it first.
  8. For Sleeve Length: – When it comes to determining how long your sleeves should be, there are two factors to consider: the design of the blouse and your personal preference.
  9. For Sleeve Width: – Loosen the loop slightly so that the blouse flows loosely around your body. Since it is a saree, you will want the fit to be snug but not restrictive.


Ques. How do you get the perfect blouse to fit your body type?

Ans. By getting the best and most accurate measurements and using the best tailoring service, such as Silailor, you can get the perfect fit for your clothes.

Ques. Where can we find Silailor?

Ans. You can find them ( by searching on Google.

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