What are the ten principles of good speech?  

Let us start with a simple statement- speech writing is essential. If you are wondering why good speech writing is critical, you just have to look around. Politicians, important people, etc., use speech to communicate and persuade.     

As a student, you will encounter countless moments in life when you must rely on your public speaking prowess. For those moments, we bring you some tips that can help you in creating a good speech:   

1. Don’t give a speech; tell a story.   

It sounds counterintuitive, but it’s one of the most valuable principles you should remember. Remember the primary goal of your speech. The primary purpose of any speech Is to persuade a room full of the audience to your cause. If you speak your speech like a story, there are more chances that your speech will be successful. You achieve such an effect because a story is usually constructed carefully to be engaging. People will be interested in your content if you create a flow similar to a story.     

2. Know your audience  

Knowing your audience will help you connect with them more. If you are in an audience of a ten-year Olds, and you start stating facts from UNHRC, it is not going to work. You can mold your speech according to your audience. It will make your speech more attractive to your audience.     

3. Know yourself  

Did this get you by surprise? But it’s imperative. Knowing yourself is very important when you present yourself in front of an audience. Knowing yourself will entail the following things:  

  • Your weaker aspects in public speaking   
  • Your relationship with the audience   
  • Your relation to the topic   

If you know these aspects perfectly, you can tweak your presentation according to them.      

4. The Golden Trio  

Balancing the golden trio of Ethos, Logos and Pathos is very important. Such a balance can help in creating a flow in your speech. We know you have heard about this, but you need to listen to this again.   

  • Ethos: it refers to the relationship of the speaker to the audience and the trust they have in him.     
  • Pathos: It refers to the emotional quotient of the entire presentation.  
  • Logos: It refers to the factual basis of your speech.   

A good speech needs to take these aspects and balance them perfectly. This way, you can have much more command over the audience.        

5. Emotion sells   

What was the last time you liked a speech you didn’t emotionally connect to? Yes, neither did we. This is why you should have emotions as the backbone of your speech. Anyone can have a good stage presence and a pocket full of facts, but it will not work without feelings. A speech without an emotional connection with the audience is like dropping a sea fish in freshwater- a bad idea.     

6. Don’t Cram, Understand   

Forgetting your content while you are on stage is a nightmare for any public speaker. It is something that can turn your speech into an embarrassing experience. But there is a way you can prevent the disaster. Before you memorize your address, take some time to understand it and make some notes. Once you have made your notes, remember all the points you have to say. You will also know the order of points you have to speak in. This way, even if you forget your speech on the stage, you elaborate on the topics by improvising.     

7. Make it personal  

As the section on pathos and emotions explains, speech writing that does not invoke feelings is not great. To get some emotion out of the audience, you have to feel that emotion yourself. What better way to handle the emotion than by making it personal? If you can find a personal stake in the topic, you will be able to deliver your speech with the required emotions.   

8. Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee  

The quote above is from the great boxer Mohammed Ali. In this context, however, you will have to stick the landing with your point. While making a speech, you will have to engage the audience with entertaining theatrics, but you will have to deliver the blow of the issue you’re trying to make. This will make your speech more memorable.    

9. Research more than necessary  

When it comes to research, remember one simple idea- the more you know, the better it is. That’s it.    

10. Hire a good Speechwriter    

Speech writing is a challenging task, and it requires time. If you do not have the necessary time to write a good speech, you can hire online speech writers to do it. Many online homework answers websites provide speech writing services. So, in more desperate cases, you can always rely on them.   

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