Tips for Children to know about Prophet Muhammad’s Life

Leading our life according to Hazrat Muhammad’s SAW teaching is very essential and a blessing. His teachings (SAW) guide us in every aspect of life. We can find his complete life as an epitome for us, those who were before us and for the next generation until the existence of judgement. So, we must know about his life and teach our children about the life of Hazrat Muhammad SAW. Here are some chosen tips for you to educate your children with the knowledge of Islam, enact in them the love of Hazrat Muhammad SAW, and make them learn from his life as at this stage they can learn any think they are dragged to.

Nowadays, home-based education is the need of the day. Before learning from any school or institute, you should build some basic habits for your children to become addicted to living life according to the principles of Islam.

This blog has discussed some tips on how your children can practice leading life and know about Hazrat Muhammad’s SAW life.

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Start a day with a good deed.

While teaching your children how to lead a virtuous life, you should build their character from the start by telling them that they must start their day with a good deed. A good deed may be small, like smiling at someone else, replying to someone’s question honestly, helping the disabled while crossing a road, etc., are minor deeds that you can make your children do to start their day. With the passing time, increase the number of deeds, and at last, encourage them to follow the Sunnah of Prophet SAW.

Relate your children stories-Seerah Nabi

Before your children go to bed, relate them bedtime stories of Prophet Muhammad SAW. Little kids very soon get inspired by the stories and love to listen as many as they can. You should tell them short stories of Hazrat Muhammad SAW. Make a sequence so that the other night, they will be curious to listen further. Ask them to learn a lesson from each story and apply that lesson in their lives. There are countless stories of the Holy Prophets SAW.

Make your kids love nature.

Prophet Muhammad SAW is a blessing for the whole creature in this universe. Lead your children to the parks, fields, meadows, etc., where they could see lots of greenery and entertain from the beauty of nature. Teach them how to care for plants and how are they necessary for us. Connect some happenings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) related to nature. Tell them about the love of the Prophet SAW with animals. Once if you arise the love of him in their heart, they will act their whole life accordingly, and it will bring you happiness in this life and afterlife, too.

 Take your children to an orphanage.

Hazrat Muhammad SAW always loved orphans and instructed us to show mercy on them if we want to be loved by Allah SWT. Take your children to an orphanage and show them how to help in the upbringing of the orphans. Tell your children that Prophet SAW was also an orphan. However, if you cannot afford to visit an orphanage, find orphans, two or three, in your own locality and arrange some event for them. By these means, your children will feel the pain without being parents, and they may develop their love for the orphans.


In the early stage of life, if children Quran learning is something, it becomes their habit for the rest of life. It is your duty to develop your habits according to the golden rules of Islam. is a platform for your children to learn about Islam. We also offer courses in learning Arabic, Pashto, Urdu, and English languages. 10 Tips for Children to know about Prophet Muhammad’s Life

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