The Mysterious Life of Nia Guzman: What We Know About Royalty

Nia Guzman has been making headlines since the 1990s, when the then-teenage star appeared on MTV’s The Real World: San Diego. Since then, she’s transitioned from reality television to a solo music career and now to being an actress and comedian in her own right. But what exactly is known about Nia Guzman? What facts can we gleam from her public profile? Let’s take a look at what we know about Nia Guzman so far, as well as what we don’t know yet…

Is it true that Nia Guzman is a princess?

People often ask if it’s true that Nia Guzman is a princess. The answer is no. Though she does have royal blood, she’s not a member of the British royal family or any other European royal family for that matter. She is descended from Martinique’s first king, King Louis I, who ruled the island in the late 18th century.
Mixed-race descendants of the French settlers and African slaves living on the island were regarded as gens de couleur and enjoyed certain rights under the law including owning land and property, although their rights did vary over time.
Martinique was an overseas department of France until 1946 when it became a part of France itself after World War II ended.
Nia Guzman doesn’t live in her country but prefers to stay in her homeland where her culture and roots are strong, much like Queen Letizia of Spain

Why do people think that she’s royalty?

Nia is the daughter of a Puerto Rican father and African American mother. Her mother, Latanya, was just sixteen when she had her first child with her father (Nia’s dad) and he went on to have five more children with Latanya before leaving them for another woman.
Latanya has never been married to a man as an adult but legally became an Mrs. when she married her daughter’s father in 2002. When Nia was born, her mother gave her the name Niyah which means princess or queen in Swahili.

Where was she born?

Nia Guzman was born in 1994 in Harlem, New York City. Her father was a Dominican-born musician and her mother a Puerto Rican-born businesswoman. Nia is the youngest of five children; she has three older sisters and an older brother. She attended school at Washington Irving High School on the Upper East Side but dropped out in order to pursue her music career.
She released her first single Hip Hop Hooray at the age of 17 with no formal training as a singer or dancer. Shortly after, she released her first studio album, titled Nia. It’s unclear whether she will release more material with this name, or if we’ll see a return to music under a different moniker.

Who are her parents?

Nia Guzman is an American rapper and actress. She was born on April 16, 1989. Her mother is Colombian and her father is African-American. Her father’s name has not been revealed to the public. Nia began rapping at age 5, and was recording demos by the time she was 10 years old. In 2007 she released her first single Never Sleep Alone which charted on Billboard Top 100 in 2008.
In 2010 she released Bossy which peaked at #3 in US Dance Charts but made it to #8 on Billboard Top 100 in 2011. She then went on a European tour before releasing her third single called Pound Cake in 2012.

What languages does she speak?

Nia Guzman is fluent in Spanish and English. She was born to Puerto Rican parents. Her father was born in the United States, and her mother was born in Puerto Rico. Nia’s mother raised her bilingual, but she attended schools and learned English as a second language. She has a degree in Criminal Justice from Florida International University.
While attending college, she also studied abroad for two years at Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico in San Juan, where she studied psychology. After graduating from college with her bachelor’s degree, she obtained a law degree at the prestigious University of Miami School of Law.

How did Nia Guzman get her start in fitness?

Nia got her start in fitness by modeling. She was recruited to model while she was a high school student and as she matured, she transitioned into fitness modeling. I just fell in love with how I felt after training, said Nia. I loved the endorphin rush. In 2010, she became the first Latina in history to be featured on the cover of Women’s Health magazine and has been featured multiple times on People Magazine’s Most Beautiful list.
Nia got her start in fitness by modeling. She was recruited to model while she was a high school student and as she matured, she transitioned into fitness modeling. I just fell in love with how I felt after training, said Nia.

How much has Nia made from her Instagram page?

Nia has made upwards of $100,000 from her Instagram page by monetizing her posts. She was also able to launch her own clothing line, which is now available for sale on Amazon. The clothes are sold in two different sizes, both small and medium.
Nia is currently signed with Sota Management and Roc Nation. She created her own label called Royalty, which she uses to promote herself as an artist on Instagram and other social media platforms. She launched her own clothing line in 2018, named after her lifestyle brand.
The clothes were initially only available through an e-commerce store, but she soon began selling them on Amazon as well. These items can be purchased in two different sizes, a small or a medium size. She is represented by Sota Management and Roc Nation.

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