The 8 Pizza Chains That Customers Actually Like

It’s true that you can rank pizza chain brands by the sales they make each year. It seems obvious that a pizza chain that reaches more than $10 billion in sales is bigger than a pizza chain that gets only $10 million in sales. 

The problem with this method of ranking is that it only judges the pizza chains by its size. Of course, it makes sense that a pizza chain makes billions of dollars in worldwide sales when they have close to 20,000 locations in 100 countries. How can a tiny chain with just a dozen location in a couple of US states compete with that? 

So, we tried to just gather a large number of pizza fans, and then surveyed them as to whether they actually liked various particular pizza chains. Here are the results of that survey: 

1: Jet’s Pizza

This brand ranks on top of the list, to the surprise of many of us. It does have hundreds of locations, but it’s only found in 19 states. The most recent sales report set their annual sales at about $300 million. 

But 61% of the respondents know of the brand and really like it. It’s different due to its Detroit-style square pizzas, and their pizza crusts are both crunchy and thicker. In fact, many fans think the crust is the best part of the pizza. Others also love the toppings, especially the pepperoni, the barbecue chicken, and even the heretical pineapple. 

2: Mellow Mushroom

This gets the favor of 59.4% of the respondents. It’s only found in 20 states, where they scatter more than 200 of their locations. 

This may not be the choice of pizza purists, since the pizzas aren’t exactly simple. For starters, they bear wacky names like Holy Shiitake, Kosmic Karma, and Thai Dye pizza. They feature special toppings, with gourmet options for portobello mushrooms, feta cheese, and caramelized onions. Some of the pizzas also have toppings that aren’t available in other pizza parlors. 

3: Papa Murphy’s 

This gets the vote from 58.4% of the respondents. This is a bigger brand than the first 2 on this list, as it has more than 1,300 locations in the US, Canada, and even the UAE. It also has yearly revenues of $800 million. It’s actually ranked the 5th-biggest pizza chain in the US. 

For the pizza fans, though, what’s really important (and great) are stuff like the build-your-own pizza opportunity. They also offer gluten-free crusts, which are actually yummy. Many of the respondents also say they love the various toppings, especially the 3-cheese blend, veggies, garlic sauce, and that special blend of chicken, bacon, and artichoke. 

4: Uno Chicago Pizzeria & Grill

This place is more known as a bar now, but it started out as a pizza joint. They have about 77 locations, with yearly sales of $381 million. 

Their fans represented 58.1% of our respondents, and they really appreciate that authentic Chicago deep dish pizza style and the generous amounts of toppings. But they have lots of great thin crust pizzas as well. Both categories allow you to craft your own pizza, but they sure offer plenty of yummy set pizzas for you to try. 

5: Cicis

The brand has 299 locations in 24 states, so it’s not exactly a huge brand. And it didn’t quite manage to survive the pandemic, since it filed for bankruptcy in 2021. Today, its previous primary lender is now the brand’s owner. 

But the brand also got the nod from 57.1% of our respondents, and this is mainly due to the unusual toppings that you won’t easily find in many other pizza joints. Examples include buffalo spicy chicken, honey barbecue, taco and spinach Alfredo. Do you even know of any other pizza parlor that offers Alfredo pizza? 

6: Sbarro

Sure, Sbarro is more known as a mall pizza restaurant, but it’s a famous brand all over the world. It’s not just for their affordable prices, either, as the taste appeals to a broad segment among the pizza fans. The brand specializes in New-York-style pizzas, and the taste is quite unique. 

Many fans appreciate the personal cheese pizza and stuffed crust, and it sure doesn’t hurt that you can get a huge NY cheese slice for $4.28

7: Godfather’s Pizza

This brand gives you an offer that 52.1% of our respondents just can’t refuse. The flavors they offer are unique, with their special sauce pairing nicely with the meat toppings. The sausage pizza is the star of the show, but other favorites include the bacon cheeseburger, hamburger, and barbecue chicken pizza. 

8: Pizza Hut

It’s one of the biggest pizza chains in the world, so of course this brand will have fans. These include more than half (50.1%) of our respondents. The brand is famous for offering familiarly tasty pizzas at reasonable prices. 


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