Shimmering Jewels: Diamond Rings for Every Occasion

Diamond rings have been a symbol of commitment, love and prestige for centuries. From engagement rings to anniversary bands, these shimmering jewels never go out of style. 

In New Zealand, wedding rings without studded diamonds in 9-carat gold typically cost around 400 dollars, and diamond-studded ones begin at around 1800 dollars. The price of a promise ring ranges from 500 to 2000 dollars. And the average price of an engagement ring is 3500 dollars in the country. 

You can shop for Diamond Rings in New Zealand from online stores. To know more about them, you can read this article. 

Engagement rings: The engagement ring is perhaps the most significant piece of jewellery in a person’s life. It symbolises the beginning of a lifelong commitment to another person. Diamond engagement rings are the most popular choice for this special occasion. The classic solitaire is a timeless and elegant option that has been popular for generations. It features a single diamond in a simple setting that emphasises the beauty and brilliance of the stone.

Other popular styles include the halo, three-stone, and vintage designs. The halo design features a centre diamond surrounded by a ring of smaller diamonds, creating a dazzling display of sparkle. The three-stone design symbolises a relationship’s past, present, and future, with each diamond representing a different time. The vintage design incorporates intricate details and unique settings that evoke the glamour and romance of a bygone era.

Anniversary rings: Diamond anniversary rings are a beautiful way to celebrate the milestones of a long-term relationship. They can be given on the first, fifth, tenth, or any other significant anniversary. Several styles include eternity and half-eternity.

Eternity rings feature a continuous band of diamonds around the entire ring, symbolising everlasting love. Half-eternity rings have diamonds on only one side of the band, making them more practical for everyday wear. 

Wedding rings: Diamond wedding rings are a symbol of the commitment and devotion that an engaged couple shares. They come in various styles and designs to suit every taste and budget. The classic diamond wedding band features a row of diamonds set into a simple metal band. This timeless design is a popular choice for women.

Other popular styles include the channel setting, pave setting and bezel setting. The channel setting features diamonds set into a channel between two metal walls, creating a smooth and seamless look. The pave setting features small diamonds set close together to create a glittering surface. The bezel setting features a diamond set into a metal bezel that surrounds and protects the stone.

Promise rings: Diamond promise rings are given as a symbol of commitment between two people. They can be given as a pre-engagement ring, a promise of future commitment, or simply as a symbol of love and devotion. They can come in various styles, from simple solitaire diamonds to more elaborate designs.

One popular style is the infinity ring. This design features a loop of diamonds in the shape of the infinity symbol, representing the eternal nature of the promise being made. Another popular style is the heart-shaped diamond ring, which symbolises love and devotion.


You can look for Diamond Rings in New Zealand from a wide variety of online stores, as they are a timeless and elegant choice for any occasion. From engagement rings to anniversary bands, these shimmering jewels are the perfect way to celebrate love, commitment, and devotion. 

With various styles and designs to choose from, there is one for every occasion and personality. Whether you prefer classic, simple designs or more elaborate and unique styles, one of the rings mentioned above will surely capture your love’s beauty and brilliance.

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