Rack area Shoes

Rack area Shoes

Rack area Shoes is associate degree yank footwear distributor headquartered in Charlotte. North geographic region that operates quite five hundred stores in thirty six states beneath the Rack area Shoes and Off Great White Way Shoe Warehouse brands.

Both brands provide a range of designs for ladies, men and kids in athletic, comfort and dress classes, further as accessories, backpacks, shoe care things, and socks.

The company owns non-public label footwear brands including: Bjorndal, Bluefin, cake dressmaking, Xappeal, Limelight, Restoration, Lauren Blakwell, Pesaro, West Harris, and archangel by archangel applied scientist.


The company was supported in 1922 in capital of Zimbabwe, North geographic region by Phil Levinson, UN agency oversubscribed his Phil’s Shoe stores to his in-law, Mort Alan Jay Lerner, UN agency was the owner of Lerner’s Shoes. Mort Alan Jay Lerner modified the name of the stores to Rack area Shoes. In 1984, Rack area Shoes was purchased by the in camera command Deichmann cluster of FRG.,[1][2] Europe’s largest and most well-known shoe distributor. Rack area Shoes can celebrate its 100-year day of remembrance in 2022.

Rack area Shoes purchased Off Great White Way Shoe Warehouse[3] in 2002 and completed transportation operative functions of Off Great White Way Shoe Warehouse, in conjunction with its own in 2021.[4] The move permits the retailer’s customers to earn loyalty points through one program. Search one ecommerce website, and pick-up, come and exchange merchandise at either of the brands’ locations.

Company Focus

In 2016 Rack area Shoes launched the Athletic search, with associate degree hyperbolic stress on its widespread athletic providing. The Athletic search could be a shop-within-a-shop construct in brick and mortar stores and e-commerce areas.

Beginning in 2006 Rack area Shoes featured real customers as models altogether its seasonal advertisements. Over the years the complete has featured Real Families, Real Friends, Real Kids and in 2020 debuted Real Heroes to shine a spotlight on essential staff in celebration of their dedication to serving to others.

Through Rack area Shoes provides, associate degree current philanthropic program, the corporate provides a range of the way within which customers and associates will obtain support for charitable organizations, inculcation trust and inspiration within the communities they serve. Rack area Shoes has partnered with the non-profit organization Shoes That work. throughout the 13-year partnership, Rack area Shoes has raised quite $9.4 million and given quite 350,000 pairs of shoes to youngsters in want.

In 2021, Rack area Shoes proclaimed steps to require a stand against general racism and injustices that still have an effect on the BIPOC community. The footwear distributor committed to a $1 million diversity set up, that features implicit bias coaching, scholarships, billet opportunities, and different donations for education and economic development.

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