Platform Boots: Your Guide To Style, Comfort And Fit

Platform Boots: Your Guide To Style, Comfort And Fit

Nothing beats a platform shoe for making a statement or giving you the illusion of being taller. They’ve been doing this for generations, and even though unique styles and trends have changed how they’re used, they remain popular now.

There are indeed many platform patterns on-trend, so if you’re not using a platform heel or not having one in your closet, now is just the time to get one.

What Are Platform Boots?

Platform shoes are any shoe thicker than typical soles, such as trainers, wedges, or flops. The more excellent sole will typically be within one and four inches in diameter. They can also have high heel shoes, although platform shoes lacking heels are also feasible, as the sole beneath the toe box is the distinctive feature. The height of a shoe determines whether it is considered a platform or not.

Hidden platforms are footwear with the upper material covering the base, giving the impression there is no platform present. This helps the heels appear higher and might help you gain height without looking like you’re using a platform shoe.

Platforms come in various heights, although the norm is 3-10cm (1-4 inches). Platform boots with high heels, on the other hand, have been recorded to reach heights of 8 inches underneath the toe box and 16 inches at the heel.

Platform shoes can be traced back to the 16th century, although they may have even been seen in ancient Greek theaters.

Platform Shoes Styling

Because it’s so simple to make a difference with so many tall, distinctive shoes, deciding what to pair platform shoes with when to use them can be challenging. Platform shoes are fashionable, but you must know how to dress them for today. It’s not like the styles of the 1970s or even the 1990s. Platforms are now more delicate and sensual!

High heel platform boots for women might be the perfect way to stretch your legs, add height, and make a statement on a night out. To showcase off these platform shoes, pair them with a blouse or a skirt, and ensure your feet look incredibly long.

Platform sandals with a wedge or heel might be the ideal all-day look in the summer. To keep comfortable and look beautiful, go for a boho, 70s throwback vibe with designs and loose clothes.

Comfort & Fit with Platform Shoes

Many individuals are concerned about how comfortable platform shoes will wear because they might be pretty high. However, they can be a bit more relaxed than a standard heel when adding height.

Flat platform boots are frequently heavier and have a big toe box, which makes them highly comfy. For wide feet, platform shoes are the best.

Heeled platforms can also be more comfortable than regular high heels since the increased toe area aids to distribute weight more equally all across the foot. The fundamental to comfort is fit, as with all the other shoes. The shape and size of the toe box, the variation in height between the sole and the base of the foot, and the general design of the shoe in respect to your foot will all affect this.

Final Thoughts

You could be thinking about how to walk in platform shoes if you’ve never worn them before. Maintaining proper posture and distributing weight from heel to toe as you take another step is the best way. It may also be beneficial to take significantly smaller steps and walk a bit slower than usual. When you’re not sure, try them on at home just several times before putting them outside!

Must give a try to platform shoes.

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