Keep your knee pain at bay with these simple tricks!

Keep your knee pain at bay with these simple tricks!

Do you know one-third of Americans face knee pain sometime in their lifetime? Knee pain is a common complaint in people of age groups from adults to teenagers. This pain is experienced more by adults who are about to reach their 60s. Knee pain can be a chronic problem for many people. 

Reasons for knee pain

Knee pain can be caused due to various reasons like: 

Excess body weight

Having a heavy body adds extra weight to the knees. If you are obese or overweight then simple activities like walking, climbing stairs, etc, can add so much stress on the knees and joints. This increases the risk of osteoarthritis by the breakdown of joint cartilage. 


Weak muscles

A flexible and strong body is necessary to keep the body moving. A lack of strong muscles can result in the weakening of the knee joints. Muscles stabilize and protect the joints and keep them working efficiently. Weak muscles increase the chances of knee injuries.  

Playing too much sport 

Some sports can add extra stress on the knees making them worn out. E.g. alpine skiing needs the knees to be in the bent position with rigid ski boots. They add too much stress on the knees and regularly doing such activities will have negative effects.


Sometimes injuries can damage the ligaments, tendons, and bursae as well as bones, cartilage, and ligaments. Common knee injuries are- ACL injury, fractures, torn meniscus, knee bursitis, and patellar tendinitis. In such 

How to prevent knee pain? 

Knee pain can be a major hassle as it affects everyday simple activities like walking, climbing stairs, jogging, and jumping quite difficult. There are a few ways by which you can prevent knee pain: 

Maintain a healthy weight

The best thing you can do for the knees is to keep your weight in check. Keeping your weight in check is not just good for the knees but also great for the entire body. By maintaining your weight, you will add less stress to the knees and keep them functioning well. To do this, you can play any sport regularly, go for a walk every day, hit the gym, walk your dog, or go for a trek. Monitor your body and keep it in check of weight. Any abrupt change in weight must be noted.


Keep your muscles flexible 

Body flexibility plays a huge part in mobility. If you have an active body, then you can do everyday tasks more quickly and efficiently. By having flexible and strong muscles, your joints stay active and well protected. Building a strong body like strong thighs and calves, support the knees and keeps the lower body healthy. It reduces the stress on the muscles. 


Exercise smartly

Although exercising regularly is vital for a healthy body, be wise while picking your exercises. Do not perform exercises that add extra stress to your knees. If you are facing chronic knee pain, then you need to change the exercises. Consider swimming and aerobics which are low-impact activities. They are fun and easy to do without adding any extra pressure on your knees. 

Avoid sitting for long hours 

Are you sitting at work for very long hours? This may lead to chronic knee pain. To avoid knee pain, stretch every 30-50 minutes. Never sit for continuous 6-8 hours. Take short breaks for walks like around your workplace. Consider a standing desk if you wish.  


Self-massage can increase blood circulation. Even massaging the thigh muscles is found to give the body relief from knee pain. Even if you are not having knee pain, regularly getting massages can improve blood circulation and keep the body flexible. 

Invest in good quality footwear 

Always wear footwear that fits properly and provides enough support to the feet. Your shoes should help to maintain balance and leg alignment even when you walk or run. With flat or pronated feet one may face knee problems. Add shoe inserts to custom-molded to shape the foot.   

Final Note

Knee pain can affect day-to-day life by making a person suffer. Many reasons are causing this such as having extra weight, playing some particular sport, weak muscles, and injuries. Although, the good news is that knee pain can be prevented by following a few steps. Avoid medication as much as possible. In case of injuries contact a Healthcare service aggregator who will provide medical treatment at optimum costs.

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