How to Improve Your English Vocabulary Quickly

The English language has an expanse cover of words. You cannot claim to have acquired all the words that exist in the English language. However, you can distinguish yourself among others in terms of having exceptional experience in the vast use of English vocabulary. So, to compete with others in command of the English language, you must improve your English vocabulary quickly.

There are hundreds of benefits of an improved English vocabulary. Furthermore, it helps you analyze speeches, texts, articles, blogs and even helps you speak fluently. You can speak a better version of the language if you have a wide collection of words in that language. Similarly, it also helps you in writing. If you have a perfect English vocabulary, you can write a flawless piece of writing.

English vocabulary helps you build a prominent position in society, company, firm, and organization to add its benefits.

After knowing its countless advantages, every one of you may want to improve your vocabulary. Here are some easy ways to help you in improve your English vocabulary quickly.

Reading English texts

Reading more and more is the best way to improve your vocabulary in any language, especially English. With reading daily, you come to know new words and their uses independently and in a sentence.

What should you read to improve your English vocabulary?

Literature books

You should read popular literature books to improve your English vocabulary. Generally, you should read children’s books at the beginner level. After your taste develops, you turn the pages on of the international and national authors’ books.

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Blog post

For a better experience, you should also read a blog post of renowned authors. Millions of blogs and articles about lifestyle, cooking, fitness, technology, etc., are available on the internet by reading to improve your reading skill rapidly and effectively.


Do you know that vocabulary we know today in our native language is all because of listening? Yes, of course. The child learns everything by listening and then articulating those repeatedly.

Similarly, you should listen to different interviews and speeches. It is the best way of improving your listening skill that helps in improving vocabulary. Then repeat what you have listened to and use that in sentences to know the word properly. In this manner, your vocabulary will take wings in improving.


Every new word you listen to, you should write it and use that in sentences in many ways. Writing helps you to keep the word in your long-term memory. Simply, we can say that writing a new word after the hearing is the best way of improving vocabulary. Keep a notebook along with you, and write what new things you learn daily. You should write ten words daily, then evaluate your progress every next week for a better experience.


Now, it is the day to practice what you have written in your notebook; as we discussed, you should write ten new words daily in a notebook. If you are a student, make a group in your class and speak in English with your friends. This exercise will also help them in learning new words and improving their vocabulary.


To know the accurate pronunciation of a word, you should watch different TV shows, Movies, News, etc. However, listening is also a good practice for vocabulary building, but after watching, you will know the real expression of a word. So, with vocabulary building, you can also build your non-verbal communication skills.


After the rapid growth of the English language, every second individual searches for a platform to improve their English language skills; we discussed above that you would need to know its vocabulary for mastering any language. To create easement in your way, we offer you the best services to learn languages like English, Arabic, Urdu, and Pashto. To enrol yourself in any online language course, visit

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