How to choose the first bike for your kid?

After they start walking, the kids run and then the bicycle comes. Every kid has a fascination for riding a bicycle. But as a parent, it is your responsibility to look for the perfect bicycle for your kid’s first ride. There are some criteria you need to follow when buying the first bike. If your kid’s age is around 4 to 6, then 18-inch kids’ bikes are a suitable choice. However, you need to consider other aspects of the bicycle before buying apart from tire size.

Criteria for choosing a bike

Before buying a bike for your kid, watch your kid carefully. Assess the movement and balance of your child, then choose the right kind of bike. Every child takes various time to develop motor skills. So first, ensure your child’s ability, then choose the right bicycle he/she can enjoy while developing. Here are some features of the bike you need to take care of before purchasing.

  • Style of bike

The type of bike you buy for your kid depends on age, balancing movement, and your kid’s confidence. Generally, from the age of 2, kids start to develop motor skills that improve their movement and balance. You can choose a balanced bike to enhance your movement during this period. After that, choose a bike with a balancing wheel that will help them gain balance while riding a bicycle. 

You can easily detach the balancer when your kid can ride a bike without the balancing wheel. One important part is that every child takes a different time to gain balance in riding a bicycle. Usually, within the age of 5, kids get the ability to ride a bicycle without a balancing wheel. At this time, your kid will love to use an 18-inch kids bike to run over the neighborhood.

  • Size and equipment of the bike 

When your child can ride a bike without the help of a balancing wheel, you can buy a bicycle. There are various models available in the market with different sizes and equipment. You can choose one according to your child’s adventurous nature and cycling capability. An 18-inch kids’ bike is well equipped for any kid to stride the road for the first time. 

  • Size
    • The size of the bikes always depends on your child’s height. 
    • They must place their feet flat on the ground while sitting on the seat. 
    • There must be touching between knees and handlebars during riding.
  • Gears

Usually, one gear is enough for the first bikes.

  • Tyres

Choose a bike with tyres that can run on most surfaces easily like grass, roads, etc. Thus an 18-inch kids’ bike has perfect features like a bike for your kid.

  • Safety measurement

When buying, it is important to look for the safety measurements carefully. Check that both breaks work properly and that your child can use them. Bell sound should also be loud and clear. 

Various bike options for kids

After you have gone through the criteria, you can choose a bike from the different options. Many companies manufacture kids’ bikes in various colours and weights to suit every child. You can go online or direct to the shop and buy one for your little one. As height is variable, these bikes have a feature to change seat height according to your kid. The most used 18-inch kids’ bike also comes in a variable size option. For instance, a 6.6kg bicycle ranges from 37cm to 54 cm.


Learning to ride a bicycle is fun, but it is also a complete body workout for the kids. By acquiring balance over wheels, they get the confidence to face new challenges. While riding a bike, they developed their physical and mental health. Additionally, they get the knowledge to control a machine for the first time in their life by riding a bicycle. However, as a parent, you always think about their safety, and here come the 18-inch kid’s bikes. It provides all the adventurous feelings to your kid while giving safety assurance to the parents.

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