An Alabama Car Shipping Company Can Ship Your Bike

Motorcycle aficionados view their valued assets as more than simply tools; they see them as extensions of who they are and an unending source of happiness. When moving, selling, or simply taking your motorbike on a long cross-country journey, transporting it in a secure manner is a key consideration.

This is true whether your motorcycle is a classic cruiser, a potent sport bike, or a tough adventure motorcycle. The procedures in this tutorial will help you transport your motorcycle via a company that ships cars and ensures that it gets to its destination in good condition.

Do Your Research and Pick the Best Shipping Company

To ship a motorbike, the first and most important step is to choose a reputable auto shipping business that provides motorcycle transportation services. Ask for suggestions from other riders or online forums, do some research on other Alabama car shipping businesses, and check customer reviews.

Choose a firm that has expertise in delivering bikes, a solid reputation, and the necessary licensing. When interacting with a shipping firm, look out for warning signs. Run if their rates are too low, they communicate poorly, or they provide you with inadequate information.

Obtain Several Quotes

To get rates for shipping your motorbike, speak with various shipping firms. The price of shipping varies depending on the distance, mode of transportation, and unique needs of your bike. You may compare prices from several shipping firms and choose the most affordable alternative by obtaining numerous quotations.

Get Your Motorcycle Ready

There are a few procedures you need do before your vehicle is ready for shipping:

  • Dust, filth, and grime should all be carefully cleaned off of your motorcycle. It is easier to check a clean bike regarding damage both before and after delivery.
  • Take detailed pictures of your motorbike from all sides, emphasizing any dents, scratches, or other flaws. Having documentation is the best approach to settle disagreements.
  • Take off all of your belongings, extras, and loose components from your motorcycle. It lessens the possibility of transit-related damage to various motorbike parts.
  • Turn off your motorcycle’s alarm system if it has one to prevent unforeseen alerts while traveling.
  • Safeguard your motorcycle to prevent harm.

Select the Appropriate Shipping Method

Perhaps the most important step to pay strict attention to before shipment is this one. Motorcycle transportation providers mostly offer two options: open and enclosed. Which one, though, is best for your bike?

Open Transport

It is an extremely popular and economical shipping option. Your motorbike will be transported by the shipping firm on a trailer that is open alongside other motorcycles. Although it is inexpensive, it leaves your bike vulnerable to the weather and potential road hazards.


  • Compared to covered shipment, it is less expensive.
  • Booking this shipment option is simpler than booking the enclosed one.


  • Your motorcycle will be exposed to weather conditions including strong storms and debris.
  • If you ask for a top loading trailer to prevent coming into contact mitigating the dirt directly, you could have to pay more.

Enclosed transportation

By transporting your motorbike in an insulated trailer, which protects it from the elements and any road dangers, this approach offers exceptional protection. Although more expensive, it is the best choice for expensive or sensitive motorcycles.


  • It provides your motorbike protection while being transported from the elements and debris.
  • Additional protection while in transit is provided.


  • Due to the fact that it transports a limited number of bikes, it is more expensive over any other shipping method.

Other shipping choices consist of:

  • Door to door service
  • shipping from terminal to terminal
  • expedited delivery

Plan the delivery and pickup times

Plan to have the delivery and pickup of your motorbike with the auto shipping business. Be there to supervise the packing and unpacking procedures at both ends, ensuring that your bicycle is handled with care and that you have faith in the shipping company.

Look Over Your Motorcycle

Perform a thorough examination with the company representative before placing your motorcycle on the trailer. On the inspection report provided by the transportation firm, note any previous damages. This step is essential to avoid conflicts in the future and guarantee that the shipping firm will pay you if your motorbike is damaged.

How to Get Your Motorcycle

Once your motorbike has reached its destination, do another examination with a representative of the transportation firm. Make sure it was picked up in exactly the same condition as when it arrived. Document new damages as soon as you see them and notify the delivery company right away.


If you carefully follow these instructions, transporting the bike with a vehicle shipping business won’t cause you any concern. Your cherished two-wheeled friend will reach its destination safely and securely if you do your research, choose the best business, prepare your bike, choose the best shipping method, and keep informed at every step of the way.

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