8 tips to look for when buying a used car

Before you plan to buy a vehicle it’s important to carry out a number of pre purchase checks. Having a car has now become a necessity in life. In this article, we will share a few tips that will protect you from scams or fraud when buying a car.

1.  Car Inspection and Description

Before you get your hands on a car you need to inspect the car physically and check the description of it. It includes the car model, color, shape, any scratches or dents, engines, and headlights from and back. Hence, do a thorough check, this will protect you from complications if any are found before you buy a car. A history check is equally important to ensure the vehicle is clear from any outstanding finance, this can be done at full car check for only £8.99.

2.  VIN

This is called Vehicle Identification History. In the United Kingdom, a car VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is a unique code used to identify individual vehicles. The VIN is a combination of letters and numbers assigned to each vehicle by the manufacturer. It serves as a way to track a vehicle’s history, specifications, and ownership.

3.  MOT

MOT is a checking system introduced by the government’s law enforcement. Asking for it will bring assurance that the car you are examining to buy is genuine and the dealers are also honest and authentic.

4.  Check the registration history

A reg check, also known as a vehicle history check or a car background check, is a process of obtaining detailed information about a used car’s past and current status. It involves accessing various databases and records to gather information about the vehicle’s history, including important details that may impact its value, safety, and legality.

5.  Documents

Inquiring about the car documents beforehand will protect you and secure your finances. Written documentation confirms the authenticity of a car. In this record, you will get information about car details, type of car, model, imported or local, mileage issues, any outstanding finances, and much other related information to it.

6.  Tax

Make sure the tax payments are all cleared before you take the car. Otherwise, you will be responsible to pay any outstanding payments from the past with the car price.

7.  Ownership Of A Car

Ensure the ownership of the car before making any payments. Car ownership must be transparent guaranteeing the car’s originality and novelty.

8.  Contact Details

Bargaining the prices of a car or any other amendments made in terms and conditions before buying, must be documented properly to stay safe from any disturbance in future contracts.


These preventive measures will enable you to get your ideal car in perfect working conditions. Take your time in the car infection and don’t make any payments until you get satisfied. Also note, car history checks are essential for buyers looking to purchase a used car as they provide valuable insights into the vehicle’s background and help identify any potential risks or issues. Various online services and companies offer car history checks, and they usually require the vehicle’s registration number or its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to access the relevant information.

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