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Couples who Spa together, linger together

A trip to the spa is not only for the ladies, especially with the variety of romantic spa treatments available that couples can enjoy together. Some experts believe that it’s becoming very common for couples to go to spas together. It is best said to keep it simple and to include fun into the experience when planning a couple’s spa excursion.

There is no better time to bond with your love than during spa time. The closeness of it, the state of Zen, the comfort; all of it. Simply put spa time equals bliss, and when with a partner, this state of bliss increases. It’s a couple-time you don’t often get, and when you do there are daily chores to deal with. It’s just you and your partner and very soothing healing hands. Couples massage spas in ST Marks Road are hard to ignore and have a variety of things to offer.

What is a couple’s massage? 

It is a massage for two people that holds the well-being of the relationship in physical, and mental forms. A couple’s massage is a massage session for two people in the same room with two different massage therapists. The session shall begin together and the therapist shall coordinate the treatment of the couple.

Here are some of the benefits of a couples massage

  • Try something unique: Going to dinners and movies is boring and repetitive. Instead, opt for a couples massage spa to kill the repetition and mix up of things a little. Finding new experiences like these is what being a couple is all about. 
  • Appreciate a little quality time: Usually, for all the couples around the world, it’s hard to find time for themselves during the week as there are multiple things to do e.g. work, and family responsibilities. Couple spa at ST Marks Road, allow you to unplug for a few hours and spend time relaxing with your partner. The great part about getting a couple massage spa is that. It gives the same amount of relaxation as much as a short vacation. 
  • Re-connection: There is a lot that is going around in our minds during the day which keeps our minds preoccupy and results in no proper conversations. While you are getting the massage done you shall able to put all of it. Behind you and focus on now enjoying pleasant silence with your partner while being spoile by your massage therapist. You’ll realize that you can reconnect better and have many things to talk about.
  • Lowers stress and anxiety.: The best way to keep your relationship healthy is by keeping stress and anxiety away from it. Getting a massage helps your body in releasing hormones, which will ease your tensions and decreases stress levels.
  • Feeling of endearment: The hormones that are released during massage do more than just create stress-free communication. These hormone work in collaboration to keep up your spirit and content after the massage is done.

It’s a great idea if you want to experience something new and ease the stress from your relationship and enjoy some much-need quality time together.

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