Buying Bongs? Here Is What You Need To Know!

Buying a bong for the very time can be exciting and challenging. The modern and traditional bong truly redefines the experience of smoking and helps you enjoy the best hits. If you are ready to smoke and enjoy big hits, then you need to understand everything about bongs and how they work. 

In this write-up, we have added basic information about bongs and their major parts. Continue reading!

What Is Bong?

A bong is a glass pipe which usually used to vape or smoke your preferred substance, including oil, herb, and more. A bong is generally filled with water which helps in cooling down the smoke. A bong is one of the most preferred methods or options on the market used for smoking hers or natural substance. Users prefer it for a number of reasons, and the quick effects are one of them.

Now let’s understand what a bong is made of!

A bong is made up of a lot of materials that are impermeable to both air and water. Usually, bongs are made up of glass, ceramic, and acrylic material. Now let’s learn more about the different parts of the bong as it has different parts for different functionality. Take a look!

Parts Of Bongs:

The Mouthpiece: 

The mouthpiece is the upper part of the bong online where the user places the mouth to get the filtered smoke. 


The bong contains a long tube where the filtered smoke travels before reaching the smoker’s mouth. 

Ice Catcher:

This is one of the major parts of a bong that helps in trapping all the ice present in a cloud of smoke. Little ice traces may stay as the bong uses cold water to cool down and filter the smoke. 

Glass Bowl:

The glass bowl is where one places the dry herbs or any other substance before heating it. When you are choosing the bong, always ensure to check its essential parts, including the glass bowl, especially the size of the bowl, in order to make sure that it is easily accommodating your herbs or substance. 

Moving on, there are many other things that you need to learn before buying or choosing the right bong, and we have mentioned some of them right below in this write-up. Keep reading!

How To Choose The Right Bong?

Consider The Bong Style:

Before choosing the bong, you always need to consider the style you prefer. Do you like the overall experience or not ? Are you in need of the modern type of bong or want to enjoy your hits through a traditional bong? These are some types of things that you need to always check. There are different bongs with varying styles in the market. So, you need to make sure that you understand your specific requirements. 

The Glass Thickness:

Considering the glass thickness helps in determining the durability of your bong. As per market reports, the bong is usually made of thick glass and is hard to break, which makes it durable for a longer period of time. Therefore, while choosing glass for your bong, ensure to pick the thick glass that can last for a longer period of time and can help you in having the best hits ever, 

Consider The Percolator Used:

 Many people have been trying several times to determine the best percolator to use without any hard task. This is because the percolators vary in different aspects. The percolator used determines the smoothness of the smoke that one will get and the overall degree of filtration. 

Easy Of Cleaning:

To keep your bong in the best condition, it is important to clean your bong more frequently. Therefore, it is necessary for you to buy a bong; you must consider it easy to clean. Always try to buy a bong that does not has a complicated structure that makes it difficult for you to wash it. 

Note: Always choose a bong that is easy to clean.”

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