Benefits of pursuing GME course

If you are willing to pursue your career in the merchant navy sector then we have brought one course that can help in achieving your dream. That course is a Graduate Marine Engineering course. In short, it is also call the GME course. It is a diploma program of one year. The Directorate General of India is the administrating authority of the colleges and institutes providing this course. This authority will decide what will be the GME course eligibility criteria for this course. If you complete this course then you will be allow to work as a junior engineer and you can complete your training service which will be of 6 months.

As an engineer, you will be working on boats, ships, and other various marine vessels. It will also be including the designing and construction of ships. The fees of this course vary according to the college that you will decide to pursue this course. however, the range of the fees of this course will be from 24000 rupees to 350000 rupees. Also, to get into this course, you will be require to clear its entrance exam that will be take either at the university level or national level. 

Whether your want to work in a merchant navy or you want to work as an engineer in this field, this course is going to be very helpful for you. If you complete this course with good scores then you will even become eligible for a scholarship for your training purposes. There is also a mechanical engineering course in the navy field, GME course can be call an extension of it. Because the majority of mechanical engineering courses are also include in the GME course. If you have already graduated in mechanical engineering course. Then you will be able to do this course very easily because of the same subject. GME course fees have already been stated above I.e. in the range of 24000 to 350000 rupees. If you are passionate about accepting new challenges in your career then this course is make for you. 

  • Marine structure:

It is one of the specializations of the GME course. In this, you will get to know about the principles and applications that will further help you in building sound ships. You will also get to study the design and analysis of structures and that will also be taught in depth.

  • Ship maneuvering and control:

Another specialization of this course is ship maneuvering and control. You will be learning it for large ships and vessels. In this course, you will be make familiar with to use of engines and ship maneuvering. What is the behavior of wind, what are current effects. What are shallow water effects, etc. you will also be taught on these topics? All these topics are going to be very helpful for you in your career life. Apart from maneuvering and control, you will also get to know why is it important to have an alternate plan. 

Conclusion :

These are the benefits that you will get out of the GME course. Furthermore, you will also get knowledge on manufacturing and materials. 

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