10 Most Useful Apps For Android Smartphones

Android has been activated on over 500 million devices around the world. With so many apps available on the Google Play Store I decided to compile a list of essential Android apps. Here is a list that I use every day. These apps are my life and death. Some may be a little geeky, but they are still very useful.

Android Smartphone Apps to Use

These apps are the ones that should be in every android smartphone as the apps are the best in terms of their services.


AirDroid allows you to control your Android phone from any web browser. You can use it with your personal Wi-Fi network. As long as your phone and computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi, you can launch the app from your Android device. After that, you can go to the web interface of your computer and enter the passkey. Then you can access all your files through the browser.

Pocket – Previously Read it Later

This app is great for saving articles to read later. I read many articles online every day. It is simple and elegant with a minimalistic interface. It makes it easy to organize files, videos, and articles. You can sync files across multiple devices and install browser bookmarklets to save your work. Sometimes links arrive that you don’t want to open immediately. Instead, you can simply keep them.

Cinema HD

This is a great app for streaming movies and your favorite TV shows free of cost. The app is a very famous app and has more than 100 million downloads all over the world. The content Cinema HD provides is fetched via high-quality links. It also supports subtitles so you can watch any movie and understand it in your native language.


WhatsApp doesn’t need an introduction. Even in Zimbabwe, it has seen rapid adoption. It is a messaging app that uses 3G or WiFi to offer a cheaper alternative than SMS and MMS.

Google Drive

It’s the best cloud storage solution for creating, storing, and distributing files and documents. Drive is the best option for those who have been using Google Docs. Since it was created by Google, it works seamlessly with other Google apps.

Showbox Video Editor

Showbox video editing app lets you edit any video within minutes. It is a cloud-based app that needs not be downloaded but you can use it online. Showbox video editor possesses great features and tools that let you create unique and attractive video content. You can add special effects, transitions, texts, and audio to any video. The video can be downloaded in any format type you want.


If you’re like me, you may not be able to keep track of what you spend on certain items, such as kombi tickets, booze, or airtime. This app is your best friend for managing daily expenses. You can also see graphs and pie charts of your monthly expenses. This will show you what you should cut or where you need to relocate from the most expensive area. You can also categorize expenses and filter expenses based on the categories.


Flipboard functions like a magazine but instead of scrolling horizontally, each page is flipped vertically. This makes the experience very intuitive and cool. Flipboard aggregates your RSS and social feeds and presents them in magazine format. It is a powerful tool to discover content


This app is designed for Twitter professionals. It’s a Twitter client on steroids. You can browse the Twitter directory by category, follow live events easily, cut your timeline into manageable streams and bookmark favorite accounts. It also allows you to sync with a web experience.


This viewer is essential if you use VNC on your computer. It’s an open-source viewer for Remote Pc Access software. The app allows you to view and control the desktop of your computer from your smartphone or tablet. It’s mainly used to control my home computer from bed when I can’t stand or switch off the PC.

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