Why glass lifting equipment is important?

Today they are used almost all over the world, because of their interesting benefits and unique techniques to perform different tasks. If the glass is big, moving it from one place to another is not an easy task and it is also possible that the glass may be broken or damaged by you because you are not an expert and may have little knowledge about handling the glass. It is therefore important that you use glass lifting equipment.

What are the benefits of glass lifting equipment?

It has many benefits that can be guessed by reading the content below:

  • Easy to lift:

These lifters make it easy to lift the glass, place it on the floor or in any place, or shift it from one place to another. This becomes possible only by using this equipment.

  • Improved economy:

Using these lifters you can handle things that seem difficult to handle. And you don’t need too many workers to do the job and you save a lot of money. So your budget can be appropriately maintained.

  • Saving of time and glass:

Using them can also save you valuable time as they speed up the work and do not damage the glass, even though a single scratch appears on the glass.

  • Secure and comfortable:

This allows you to hold the glass for a long time and this method is also safe and secure.

  • Fast operation:

It takes a lot of time to do anything concerned with glass lifting, but using these equipments makes your work very fast. And you can do a lot of things in a short amount of time.

  • Reliable and long-lasting:

It is true that you have to spend a lot of money to buy these lifters but these equipment is completely reliable. Glass lifting equipment is long-lasting.

  • Prevent injury:

The main advantage of this is that it greatly reduces the chances of injury while working with glass with hands hurts the workers a lot and may cause many injuries.

Which glass lifting equipment is the best?

There are many types of lifters on the market today that have different functions and different features. Here we will discuss some of the most popular lifting equipment, which are as follows:

  • OMNI 1800 On site
  • Introducing the Vector 1800
  • Nomad installs 1100lbs plate
  • New Vector 1100
  • 800lbs glass on site
  • Standard Vacuum Lifter KSHSN 50606
  • Standard Vacuum Lifter KSAF 01
  • Standard Vacuum Lifter KSAF 02
  • Maxi Lifter KSNB 03
  • Maxi Lifter KSNB 01
  • Maxi Lifter KSNB 05

Important features of glass lifting equipment:

Let’s see what are the important features of these lifters that make them famous.

  • Most of them are capable of rotating at 180 degree.
  • All lifters have different lifting capacity, min glass size, pad size, pad quantity, extension arm, shut off valve, vacuum filter, release time, electric power consumption, control board, lifter size, power supply, battery and weight.
  • 875 lbs is the maximum capacity of lifter size and also has pneumatic power.
  • Glass lifting equipment are specialized for indoor glass processing lines.
  • Their price also vary from one brand to the other. Some are very costly but some are usually moderate.
  • These equipment can be used with light rail system.

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