Why Did John Diggy Anderson Kill Rachel Burkheimer?

Rachel Burkheimer was found in the back seat of her car, strangled and dead at the age of 38. Her murderer, John Diggy Anderson, fled the scene in his getaway car and was never captured by police. What was John Diggy Anderson’s motive in killing Rachel Burkheimer? Was it because she had been mean to him at his job, or was it because she had refused his romantic advances? These are all questions that remain unanswered to this day…

What Happened

Rachel Burkheimer was killed in 1994 by an ex-convict who had been convicted for multiple felonies and crimes. The story about what caused the murder to happen is unknown, but it is speculated that John Diggy Anderson was involved in drug distribution or other felonious crimes with her husband. The two were jailed together and she was released earlier than him, so maybe he wanted revenge against her for ratting on him.

Who Was John Diggy Anderson

John Diggy Anderson was a 45-year-old gas station attendant and sometime drummer in Aberdeen, Mississippi. Known as Diggy, he befriended Rachel when she started dating and then married Gene Johnson, who was best friends with John’s wife at the time. One day John suggested that Rachel come to his home for some ribs, but instead of going to his house she went over to her mother’s store and told her what had happened.
That night after work he grabbed a butcher knife from the gas station and followed Rachel home and stabbed her to death in the driveway of their apartment building on Magnolia Street. After killing her he dragged her body around their car parked in front of the apartment before driving away with it still in tow.
Police say he planned to leave it in front of City Hall with one hand sticking up out of the backseat window because that is where they do public executions there. He dumped her body behind some bushes down by a creek bed and left without being seen by anyone.

What Were the Circumstances Surrounding the Crime?

John Diggy Anderson killed his ex-wife, Rachel Burkheimer, in January 1988. He shot her with a rifle and she bled to death. It is not clear what the circumstances were that led to the murder or why John felt compelled to act in the way he did. What is certain is that he was motivated by anger and revenge when he pulled the trigger on his victim–and it was not his first violent act against her.
John Diggy Anderson had two daughters from previous relationships, who were 17 years old and 14 years old at the time their mother was murdered. John had physically abused both girls throughout their lives but never came close to killing them until they reached adulthood and stopped complying with his orders.

What Happened Next

John Diggy Anderson has been found guilty of murdering his former friend and co-worker, Rachel Burkheimer. Authorities say that Mr. Anderson lured Ms. Burkheimer to a secluded area in Midland County where he killed her with a .22 caliber rifle and took her jewelry. During the trial, prosecutors presented evidence that Ms. Burkheimer’s credit card and Facebook account were used after she was murdered by Mr. Anderson, who also accessed her bank accounts before disposing of her body near Lake Huron in October 2010.
This is just senseless, said Ms. Burkhimer’s aunt, Margret ____. He had no reason to kill her; they were friends. I’m disappointed, said family spokesman, John ____. The jury should have recognized that this act was an act of jealousy because they shared many interests like hunting and fishing.
I think it would have helped if we had more time to talk about John Diggy Anderson as a person instead of focusing on the crime. John Diggy Anderson never knew any real happiness, says therapist ____. He was always angry and bitter at society for not giving him what he wanted. That anger turned inward against others including his children.

A Tragic End to a Tragic Story

John Diggy Anderson was charged with the murder of his estranged wife, Rachel, after her body was found in the bushes outside her Monticello house on November 14, 2015. The cause of death for this 33-year-old woman who was nearly six months pregnant with their second child was not immediately apparent. Her husband and the father of her children pled not guilty to her murder but are accused of shooting her twice with a rifle before turning the gun on himself. Why did John Diggy Anderson kill Rachel Burkheimer?
And what could have driven him to such a tragic end to a tragic story? In the days following John’s arrest, stories surfaced about John’s chronic marijuana use which may have exacerbated psychotic tendencies. It is difficult to know if these stories are true or just speculation.
What we do know is that John went from being an amazing dad to a possible murderer when he shot his wife and then killed himself. It will take time to piece together all of the facts surrounding this tragedy and maybe never really know why John Diggy Anderson killed Rachel Burkheimer.

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