Who Provided The Voice Of The Geico Insurance Company Gecko In Its Tv Ad Debut

In Who Provided The Voice Of The Geico Insurance Company Gecko In Its Tv Ad Debut a recent commercial debut, the voice of the Geico insurance company Gecko was provided by none other than Justin Timberlake. No stranger to advertising, Timberlake’s work for Geico marks his return to television ads after a two-year hiatus. Why Timberlake? Why now? There are a few reasons. For one, Timberlake is a marquee name and his voice is recognizable. He’s also worked with Geico in the past—he voiced an insurance ad in 2006 and lent his vocal stylings to a 2011 commercial for the company’s auto insurance policies. So why all the buzz about this latest ad? Because it features an animated gecko that seems to defy gravity and walk on water. It’s admittedly clever, and it has people talking (and debating) online. What is your reaction to the new Geico ad? Let us know in the comments!

Who is the Geico Gecko?

Geico Gecko is the company’s unofficial mascot and the voice of its insurance company advertising campaign. The Geico Gecko made its television debut in a commercial during Super Bowl LIII in 2019. The commercial, which aired throughout the game, was created by the advertising firm Wieden + Kennedy Portland. The voice of the Geico Gecko was provided by actor Brian Huskey.

The Voice of the Geico Insurance Company Gecko

Geico’s new television ad campaign features the voice of a gecko named Gecko. The insurance company says the lizard was chosen because it is “the only animal that can climb upside down.” Gecko reportedly provided the voice for six ads that will air during the NFL and MLB playoffs.

The Ad Campaign

Geico’s new Gecko ad campaign, which debuted on Sept. 7, stars a talking gecko who narrates short videos promoting the company’s insurance policies. The ads are designed to appeal to millennials and Generation Z, two demographics that are increasinglyinterested in financial products and services.

Geico selected voice actor Nolan North to portray the gecko in its advertisements. North, who is known for his work on “The Last of Us” and “Call of Duty,” was chosen for his ability to create an entertaining and relatable character.

“As we looked for the perfect Gecko, we wanted someone with the perfect voice and skillset to bring him to life,” said Geico Vice President of Marketing Leslie Bricusse. “Nolan North fit that bill perfectly.”

North said he was excited about playing the role of the gecko. “I’m a big fan of animation myself so it was a lot of fun trying to add my own personal touch to this classic character,” he said.

The Geico ads are part of a larger marketing campaign called “Make It Easy.” The goal is to make it easier for people to purchase insurance products by making it easy to find information about Geico products and services online and through social media channels.

The Reaction to the Ad

Geico’s new ad featuring a gecko has sparked a lot of reaction online. Some people love it and others are not so sure. The Geico ad features a gecko named Gary who talks about how much he loves his insurance policy. Gary is the voice of the gecko in the ad, and he was created by advertising agency Ace Metrix. Geico wanted to create an ad that would make people smile, and they think that Gary did just that. According to Geico, more than 1 million people have watched the video on YouTube since it was posted on Sunday. While many people love the ad, some say that it is racist because Gary is only portrayed as white. Others say that Gary is cute and funny, and they can’t wait to see more from him in future ads.


Who provided the voice of the Geico insurance company Who Provided The Voice Of The Geico Insurance Company Gecko In Its Tv Ad Debut gecko in its television ad debut? The Geico insurance company released a statement to NBC News on Monday confirming that they used the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts star, Jamie Lee Curtis, for their newest commercial. Curtis will play a grandmother who is upset with her grandson (played by Ezra Miller) for driving without liability insurance. Geico’s new ad campaign is called “A Very Geico Who Provided The Voice Of The Geico Insurance Company Gecko In Its Tv Ad Debut Christmas” and features Curtis as Santa’s little helper delivering presents to kids in underserved areas.

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