We have accumulated a long list of our ‘ favorite trails’ over the past 15 years. This makes it hard to narrow down. There are many incredible trails out there, so it doesn’t take long to find them. But what makes a Top 7 Mountain Bike Trail? While they may be subjective to you, most often a great trial will make the group smile from ear to ear.

Here you can see the complete list of the best trail gold from across the world


The Old Ghost Road is more than a trail. It’s a journey. The 85km route will take you through the temperate rainforest, climbing up and down for the day, before reaching the top with breathtaking views of rolling hills, after hill, after another. Then we stop at Ghost Lake Hut for a night under the stars, which will be a memorable experience. You’ll then jump into the rainforest for the first time in the day, after watching the sun rise over the horizon. You will be rewarded with thrilling descents and plenty of mile-munching in the jungle before enjoying a refreshing, cold beer at a charming village pub.


As you look up at the Mefjellet towering peak, it is almost frightening to wake up on your floating hotel, Gassten. You can also see the turquoise waters below as you bob on them. As you ride and hike up the glacier-carved ridgeline surrounded by snow-capped peaks, you’ll be able to earn every one of the 1100m. You won’t need to pedal much once your wheels point downwards with gravity at your side. The open mountainside is rolled over by rock slabs and singletrack. Once it reaches the woods, the track changes into flow and features. Never forget what you’ve done! At the water’s edge, you’ll see your gassten lift waiting for you.


The Himalayas are surrounded by the tallest mountains in the world, which will make it difficult to breathe. A best full suspension mountain bike is good for trail rides. There is a high altitude in this country, but it is often referred to as the “Roof of the World”. At 4100m elevation, you’ll find yourself riding fast, flowing, and dusty singletrack in a surreal environment through the Lupra Pass. Then you will ride to Jomsom across a suspension bridge. The final leg of your ride will take you through some ‘urbane’ Nepalese trails, taking you through alleyways and farmland.


Crested Butte is more than just a charming mountain town. You’ll also enjoy some classics while you’re here, which will lighten your pulse. Crested Butte’s hosting of an EWS is a testament to its trail quality. You’ll feel humbled when you reach the backcountry, where silence and isolation are the only way to find true trail gold. You’ll reach deep into the valley floor and then start climbing up to the flower’s meadows. As your bars move through the blurred yellows and purples, you’ll engage in a unavoidable fistfight with the flowers. It’s a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs that will keep you on the edge of your seat until you are pushed out by the van. A true Colorado Classic.


The wild west is not limited to the USA. Although the rugged west coast of Scotland is wild, it is not home to many cowboys. The stunning scenery and the weather create a magical environment that includes many challenging and technical trails. There are plenty of rocks to choose from! Our favorite rock is Achnashellach, located in the Torridon mountains. This is a true test for bikes and riders. The day begins with a tough climb, tucked deep in a glen. The Scottish MTB trail gods aren’t afraid to share their treasures. After cresting, you’ll embark on the brutal, burly rock ride across smooth, glacier-shaved slabs, and teeth-chattering rocks gardens. This descent will keep you on your seat or in the saddle the entire way. This is only the beginning of the descent.


It’s not widely known that Ecuador is one of the best mountain bikes destinations in the world, but it should be. From the imposing Andes to tropical jungles and live volcanoes. Our favorite day is the one when we ride on the volcanic slopes at Cotopaxi. The unique riding environment and terrain of Cotopaxi’s volcanic slopes are a combination of ash, boulders, and petrified lava. You won’t feel shortchanged with three 700m descents. You’ll start in the open lava field and work your way through the ash and sand to create your own route. This is the closest thing to skiing that you can get on your bike. The MTB trail will then filter into narrow, finger-like “Vs” which you’ll continue carving down. Eventually, you’ll find yourself on the valley plain, feeling like lava. You are in luck.


Standing at the summit of Mountain Hero Mine Trail, our favorite Yukon trail, you are surrounded by vast, unspoiled wilderness and feel great respect for Mother Nature. This alpine day offers spectacular 360-degree mountain views and starts from Carcross First Nation Village. Although you will have a shuttle to get you up the access road, there is some climbing before you can enjoy the spectacular descent.

Mountain Hero Mine follows the tram line, the historic mine built to transport supplies up and down the mountain. This singletrack descent is so impressive that your brake fingers will ache and you’ll be laughing as we meet at Windy Arm Lake.

It was difficult and rewarding at the same moment to narrow down our Top 7 Mountain Bike Trails. We have had the opportunity to ride some amazing trails in many incredible places, but a true great MTB trail will be one that you’ll return to over and over again in your mind.

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