What is Your Business Website Missing?

Having a website for your brand is undeniably important, but it doesn’t automatically mean that it will be ticking every box in its current form. To get the most out of this digital space, you need to know what works and what doesn’t and a sense of what you might be missing.

Understanding all of these things puts you and your team in a better position to start making necessary changes. In time, this can turn your website from one that is merely functional to one that stands out as a prime example in the industry.

Aesthetic Quality

If it feels like you’ve done everything technically right, tick every box you know needs to be present for your website. It could be that what you’re missing is that artistic spark. This is difficult because it’s less definitive by nature. While having up-to-date contact information and links to your social media pages are either there or not, aesthetic quality is subjective – and that might mean that you’ve already gone through the work to try and design it to be visually appealing but just found it hasn’t stuck.

If you’re working with an outsourced company, their expertise might be able to inform your forward direction, but it’s worth considering popular design trends, such as minimalism or even maximalism, based on what’s current in your industry. On top of this, learning how to combine this aesthetic with your branding can lead you to the results that you’re looking for.

Effective Maintenance

It’s all good to boast what your website is capable of through the APIs you’ve implemented, but this doesn’t mean a thing if they aren’t maintained enough to be usable. You want to deliver impressive results but do so with a confident professionalism that reflects positively on your brand. In this case, API analytics tools can help you figure out what’s potentially going wrong from a technical perspective and provide valuable customer insights that let you change your website for the better.

Bugs, crashes and errors might be par for the course in web design, but how you respond to these is going to be something that your audiences take note of, with negative attention here potentially harming your digital brand.

A Web Chat

Having many different ways for customers to get in touch with your brand, and be able to speak to customer service in a way that makes them feel comfortable will always be considered a positive thing. Those who don’t use social media might prefer to email, those who would rather be direct and clear might prefer a phone call, and those who don’t like that may rely on a web chat. This might be something that you need to have monitored, meaning that it might require some changes to your infrastructure to integrate properly. However, if done well, this could allow for a line of communication between you and your audiences that is ultimately used more and preferred, leading to you receiving more information about their user experience.

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