What makes a Virtual escape room so unique?

Escape rooms have completely changed the way enjoy a fun time with their friends and family. These serve as special rooms that are equipped with props following a particular storyline. The main idea behind an escape room is to solve clues and puzzles to complete tasks and escape the room itself in the given period only. There are various types of escape rooms based on different genres like horror and mystery. Players in groups are locked within a room and have to solve a series of mind-boggling puzzles to move further and escape the room on time. 


Virtual escape rooms are different from traditional escape rooms. Virtual escape rooms for groups include the use of VR-based technology. Artificial computerized locations are created that are different from actual escape rooms of levels and actual props. Players in a group are provided with special VR headsets, gloves, and other special devices. However, the main objective stays the same. All the players in a group have to solve puzzles, complete objectives, and win the game before the clock runs out. So what makes them so special? Let’s find out.


  1. Interactive:

Virtual escape rooms however are considered to be more interactive than simple escape rooms. Unlike traditional escape rooms with real props, handmade puzzles, and actual rooms with levels, Virtual escape does not include any of these. Computer images are created to develop a virtual location like mansions and mountains that cannot be created in a traditional escape room. Moreover, players are provided virtual headsets and gloves that make the whole experience interactive. Hand tracking technologies are utilized that make virtual escape rooms more interactive. Every aspect like hand movement and even a small pan of the head or body can be easily identified and tracked. Players get a real-life experience that is better as compared to simple escape rooms.


  1. Endless possibilities:

Virtual escape rooms are also known for their endless possibilities. A virtual image of a large mansion filled with various rooms or a graveyard with lots of ghosts and zombies can be created that cannot be possible in traditional escape rooms. Any type of creature or character can be created like zombies and even ghosts. Moreover, virtual escape rooms are available in various genres like mystery, horror, adventure, etc. Any type of virtual setting can be created that is almost impossible in simple escape rooms. Virtual escape rooms and games are not bound and are limited to the availability of physical space. 


  1. Participation of numerous players:

Virtual escape rooms provide an extra benefit of delivering an opportunity for players to play with their family and friends. Moreover, any number of players can participate in virtual escape rooms. Unlike in a traditional escape room setting, players ranging from 2 to even 30 players can participate in virtual escape room games. Every player is provided with handheld devices, gloves, and VR handsets that allow them to play together in the same virtual world. The players are connected to the same game that allows them to play together and solve various puzzles with teamwork.


  1. Ability to compete with numerous players:

Players also receive the capability to compete with other players in a virtual escape room. One can either choose to play with friends and family as a group or compete with one another. Players can compete with various other members by winning the games faster. Moreover, it serves as a fun and heart-pumping activity that one can enjoy as a group. With a complete group of friends, you can compete with unknown players that can help in making the overall game of virtual Escape room more thrilling. The virtual Escape rooms also offer an added opportunity for team building and connecting with fellow team members more effectively.


  1. More thrilling experience:

Virtual escape rooms and games offer a more thrilling experience that one cannot find in simple escape rooms. One can easily compete with fellow team members, save themselves from a zombie apocalypse up, solve a mysterious murder and even fly with dragons in a virtual escape room. Virtual reality-based games feel more interactive and exciting.


We have even listed certain tips that can help you in selecting and playing a virtual escape room. These tips can help in making the virtual experience more memorable and everlasting.

  1. Communicating with the team members:

Proper communication among all the team members throughout the period of playing the game is a necessity. Continuous interaction and exchange of information can help in building confidence and therefore enable solving of all the necessary puzzles and finding of clues on time. Every team member must be given an equal opportunity to interact with fellow team members and therefore make a billable his or her thoughts related to a particular group. This can help in completing will escape room with limited confusion.


  1. Opting for beginner-friendly virtual escape room:

Virtual Escape rooms are also differentiated based on their level of difficulty and genre. A beginner team or a member must opt for a simple beginner-friendly virtual escape room that can help them in understanding the rules and ways of playing the game. Proper use of available clues and virtual reality headsets and completion of all the dedicated objectives and clues on time can be understood through a beginner-friendly game.


  1. Playing the game without any panic:

Players must play the virtual escape room and complete the game without any kind of panic. One should not feel overwhelmed with the use of virtual reality headsets and gloves. Moreover, the virtual reality images created through the headsets must be considered computerized images and should not create any kind of panic or confusion. One can opt for proper assistance delivered to every team member that can help in improving the overall virtual reality experience.


Virtual reality escape rooms have completely revolutionized the gaming experience. One can be sure of spending a memorable time with your friends and family by opting for such virtual escape room games. Specialized companies offer the best type of virtual escape rooms and games are that are different based upon their overall joiner as well as the level of difficulty. These can help in delivering the most memorable and fun feeling experience that one can imagine.

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