What Is the Average Cost of a Hotel Room In New York City?

When you have about three-hundred hotels spread about New York City with near seventy-five thousand rooms available to be rented, it makes you wonder what is the average cost of a hotel room in New York City. Well, keep reading on to learn more as we breakdown the average hotel price in NYC.

Though we have to understand that the rates discussed here are calculated according to the current market trends. They will change according to the market trends and will be subject to change as per booking seasons. New York is a big city which always has something going on, hence the average New York hotel price keeps fluctuating.

We have based our ratings on the lowest average hotel room cost that could find for you.

Low Cost or Cheap Room

You can find accommodations in New Your near around $100 per night, this may sound impossible but it is true.

Yes, you can easily find cheap average hotel price in NYC but there are conditions that go with it. You will find hostels and hotels that have basic necessities available only with minimal services available for you. They are usually located further outside of the city and have most areas such as baths on sharing. You will have to spend extra when it comes to getting around or looking for other facilities. You just might have a bus station or trains available nearby but you may have to walk a bit before you find a transportation.

Hostels are the best choice when it comes to an average New York hotel price in this category. You will find the located a block or two away from the Upper West Side or Central Park. You will also find cafes that offer affordable food and free Wi-Fi. The main guests targeted with this hotel cost in New York are solo travelers who are looking for an adventure.

Budgeted Average Hotel Room Cost

The average hotel cost in New York that is considered within budget starts from $200 per night.

When it comes to budgeted rooms you get a simple space that has its own private bath and other services a hotel typically has. You do wonder what is the average cost of a hotel room in New York City when planning your budget for the trip keeping in mind what services would be available for you. Especially when you are traveling with your family. The good news is that there are hotel chains that offer great services within your budget. Along with that, you also have convention center hotels that offer a room at a good average hotel cost in New York.

The added bonus within this budget is that you may even find a well-to-do conference rooms, fitness centers, and more. Do not expect any of this to be fancy though but nice and workable.

Moderate Average Hotel Room Cost

Well, we add another hundred bucks and a moderate hotel cost in New York comes up under $300.

In this category the average price of a New York City hotel you will find accommodations that are much better located then its prior counterparts while offering more services. You will find fancy restaurants and cafes along with gyms, housekeeping, concierge, and other such services. You may even find local hanging around there as the restaurants and cafes are a local attraction for many. These places would be bigger in size and have lots of people buzzing around.

Some centrally located hotels would give you amazing views of the city while offering you other entertainment and activities that keep you entertained even without stepping out of the hotel.

High-end Average New York Hotel Price

Now, we go higher up and step into the upscale category of what is the average cost of a hotel room in New York City. This is going to cost you under $450 per night.

This is where the high-quality rooms and hoteling experiences are found. You will get large rooms with breathtaking sceneries and a throng of staff and services overflowing at all times. This includes individual rooms, attached baths, housekeeping, room service, gyms spas, special services, gourmet restaurants, and so much more. Everything is available at these hotels and the average hotel cost in New York for this category is not budget-friendly for most.

You will also find high-end celebrities, and fashionable guests adding to the aesthetics. Everything from the furniture and amenities is a work of art to match with the exclusive guest and clientele that these hotels deal with.

Average Luxury Hotel Price in NYC

In this category for an average hotel price in NYC you will find rooms available over $500 and going up from there.

Now the hotels falling in this category are the best you would find in the city. They are full of luxurious services, experiences, and so much more for it exclusive high-end clientele. You will find celebrities, businessmen, and all-important people staying in these luxury hotel spaces. It is the perfect spot when it comes to you dropping dollars for special occasions and seeking the best for yourself and your loved ones.

These hotels are centrally located and you would find many private services being offered here. You will find everything at a walking distance only.

Choose Your Average Hotel Price

You really need to understand the average cost in relation to the services being provided to determine which category you fall into.

Every traveler looks into many different things including the budget when choosing a hotel to stay in New York City. Each category has its defined services and quality that they offer. The more you’re willing to pay per night would bag you a better hotel.

But you are in New York city and it has an average hotel room cost for every guest type out there. You just need to do your research and then make your choice.

According to you what is the average cost of a hotel room in New York City that we might not have mentioned? Let us know in the comments below.

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