What to Take on a Trip: Basics for Your Luggage

Sun, sea, beach, songs by the fire, delicious food – we associate traveling with only the most pleasant things. Besides free fire pc download being in a good mood on a long trip, we need to take a list of necessary things. So you’ll be prepared for all sorts of surprises and save money.

Start making a list of things you need in advance. It’s desirable a couple of days before the trip – what if something isn’t at home and you have to rush to the store? Moreover, “brainstorming” can take as much time as hitting a jackpot at the real money casino. And we will try to make the packing process productive and easy.

Before beginning the “suitcase epic” answer a few questions:

  • Where are you planning to go?
  • What will you use to get there: plane, train, bus, or personal car?
  • Will you have connecting flights or transfers from one transport to another?
  • What do you plan to do on your trip?
  • How many people are going on the trip? Will you have children with you?

First aid kit, clothes, essentials – a lot depends on this information.

Gadgets for Trip

  • Phone. We practically never let go of our cell phones because all of life is concentrated in it: bank applications, numbers of emergency services and loved ones, access to email, copies of documents, and photos. One problem: the charger can run out at just the right moment. So keep your charger close at hand.
  • Power Bank. Will become a safety option, if there is no possibility to charge the cell phone.
  • AC adapter. You may need it if the socket and the charger from your equipment “don’t find a common language”. Adapters can be asked at the reception, but sometimes they are not enough for everyone. It’s better to be on the safe side.
  • A memory card or removable hard drive. They can not be attributed to the things of prime necessity, but still. If you decide to make long video recordings or are planning a photo shoot, a separate medium is good.
  • Headphones. Not as important as a passport or a policy, but can make the trip shorter and the journey more exciting. Music, movies, and podcasts will be available only with headphones.
  • Take the rest of the gadgets at your discretion. If you want to take underwater photos or high-quality photos, put a camera with removable lenses in your suitcase. Your hair needs everyday styling – put a hair dryer in its place of honor. Children can’t go without cartoons on the road, so there’s nowhere without a tablet.

But keep in mind that it all takes up a lot of space and can suffer on the road. Amateur photos can be taken on the phone, and a hair dryer, even the most basic, will be given to you in the hotel. It all depends on the purpose of travel and your priorities.

Personal Care and Cosmetics on a Trip

Cosmetics for the Face

This item especially occupies girls. What would travel without your favorite face cream, cleanser, toner? The skin is particularly finicky on the road, so take everything you’re used to.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Hotels have shampoos and conditioners. Keep in mind that these are budget options, and they may not be to your hair’s liking. You can take care of products with you. But they take up a lot of space. You can look at samples or travel versions of your favorite product.

If there is a long train or bus ride, take with you a dry shampoo. It’s handy if you always want to feel fresh. In trains, especially in second-class carriages, there is no way to wash your hair. Dry shampoo is enough to apply to the hair and distribute with your fingers at the roots.

Toothpaste and a Brush

An electric toothbrush and irrigator will have to be left at home. On the road, an ordinary toothbrush and toothpaste are perfect.


Instead of bulk aerosols, buy solid deodorants. They take up less space.

Contact Lenses and Eyeglasses for Vision

Even if you don’t use lenses in normal life, take them on the road. Glasses are uncomfortable to swim in, you cannot do extreme sports.

Daytime lenses are more comfortable. It’s better to choose a daily model: they will take up little space, because you don’t have to carry a solution for storage. And with saltwater, they can be easily broken. This is a real disaster for people with poor vision. And with daily ones, there’s no problem: a new pair will be waiting for you every morning.

A Remedy Against Mosquitoes and Other Insects

Going to the woods, to the summer cottage, to grandmother in the village, even to the sea – protection from buzzing and blood-sucking should be a must.

All liquids: shampoos, balsams, creams – are put in a separate bag and carefully packed, then – in the suitcase. If you leave something in your hand luggage, it may be thrown out at airport security.

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