What Is Custom Packaging?

Product packaging plays a vital role in determining a business’ success. Starting from furniture to electronics, cabinetry and clothing etc. every industry needs the packaging of products. Packaging is essential to protect the items as well as to elicit a positive impression on the minds of consumers. In order to achieve these goals, the best choice is custom packaging.

If a company uses a standard box for all products, it should definitely move forward towards adopting a custom packaging design. If every product comes in identical packaging then no brand differentiation can be created and it would become impossible for the customers to comprehend what makes each product unique.

Therefore, by using custom packaging companies are available to generate innovative results which make their products look appealing to the customers and maximize their profits.

Custom packaging starts with measurements. If the item that is to be packaged is not fragile then exact measurements of the product are taken and a perfectly fitted box is created with little or no movement. In the case of high-tech custom packaging, a machine takes all the dimensions and use small motorized blades to cut the excess packaging and makes exact size box.

Whereas, in the case of delicate items it also starts with measurements but keeping a margin of few centimeters to fit internal protective padding. Custom packaging can use a little filler material, support cushions and other packaging material is required to deliver the product safe to the destination. The custom made box is then folded and sealed.

This not only ensures the product’s protection but also reduces the cost you will have to for empty space. Custom packaging can include single or double walled cardboard boxes, gummed paper tape, air pouches, wrapping tissue paper, rigid boxes, and poly bags and crumbled paper fillings etc.

Reasons To Consider Custom Packaging

One Size Does Not Fit All

Different products vary in shapes and sizes. The use of same standard size box to fit all products often proves inefficient and costly. Rather the selection of a custom designed box to make your products perfectly fit in reduces the amount of corrugated material used and minimizes dimensional weight shipping chargers.

They also eliminate the amount of filler material needed. Custom packaging ensures that all the product specifications are met and no matter if the product is large, small or odd shaped, it provides the perfect construction needed. In addition to buying corrugated fiberboard boxes in bulk, custom packaging can be made more convenient by using a box making a machine which makes the perfectly fitted boxes in real time.

Increase Brand Awareness

A good custom packaging design plays a significant role in increasing brand awareness. Instead of using a plain cardboard box for packaging, the use of custom printed boxes which includes your company’s logo and brand name can attract the attention of a large number of target audience. The custom packaging also provides a good opening experience for the customers and helps to reinforce your brand.

Protect Your Products

Using a standard size box to pack you every product can’t deliver the best protection needed. To make them secure during transit, you have to use filler material like packaging peanuts, which can result in breakage or product misplacement. However, a custom packaging design can deliver best possible security with corner protection pieces which ensure the product reach in a pristine condition to the customer.

Other benefits include increasing aroma and moisture retention, providing effective barriers and keeping the items protected from other damaging factors. By ensuring such protection, the consumers can enjoy a positive experience with your brand.

Moreover, new advances in custom packaging material enhance the use of eco-friendly material which has become a primary desire of customers as they shop.

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