Was Jessica Ree Johnson Murdered? Who Killed Her?

Jessica Ree Johnson, age 28, disappeared from Columbia, South Carolina in late May of 2018 and hasn’t been seen since. Police immediately started looking into her disappearance, but they came up empty handed when it came to clues as to what might have happened to her.

1: The Facts

In 2004, in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois, a woman was found dead in her car. It is unknown when she was killed, but police believe it to be sometime between 9:00pm and 2:00am on December 12th. The woman’s name is Jessica Ree Johnson. She was found in the driver’s seat of her car with a gunshot wound to the head. Police also found a cell phone and some papers on the passenger seat. A few days later they determined that she had been murdered by someone using a small caliber gun at close range (less than one foot away). Police believe that she had been shot while sitting in her car while the killer stood outside of it and fired from the left side of the vehicle into her head through an open window. They think this because no blood or bullet fragments were found inside the car and they couldn’t find any evidence that anyone other than Jessica had been inside of the vehicle before she died. They are still looking for leads as to who could have killed her.

2: 6 Suspects

Lola is a local woman who has been convicted of murder. She was a prostitute and drug user, so she had the motive for killing Jessi. The only problem with this theory is that there’s no evidence linking Lola to the crime. The second suspect is Jessi’s ex-boyfriend Xavier. He had just been released from jail after serving time for rape and was mad at her for breaking up with him. There are other problems with this theory as well – he had a solid alibi, plus he didn’t have any weapons on his person when he was taken into custody. The third suspect is Nicki, who was also one of Jessi’s clients. There are similarities between Nicki and two sketches of the killer drawn by an eyewitness, but many questions still remain. For example, how did Nicki know where Jessi would be that night? And why would he kill Jessi before he could collect his money from her? The fourth suspect is Joe – another client of Jessi’s. As with nicky, there are some similarities between Joe and sketches made by an eyewitness, but it doesn’t seem likely that Joe would have known about a meetup between jessica r. johnson and some johns. Furthermore, why wouldn’t Joe have killed Jesse before she could break off contact with him too?

3: Profile of a Killer

These are the final thoughts I have for you about my sister, Jessica Ree Johnson. I want to thank all of you for your love and support during this difficult time in our lives as we mourn her death. I also want to thank all of you who have helped us by providing any information that may help us find out what happened to my sister and bring those responsible to justice. We will not stop until we find out what happened and make sure that whoever did this is punished for their actions so they can never hurt anyone else again. 8. No family deserves to go through what ours has had to endure, yet no one deserves to be victimized and murdered like my sister was either. If it turns out that she was killed because she was targeted or because someone wanted revenge against me or because someone thought they could get away with something like this, then know that I am coming after you until you’re behind bars too… …until every person responsible is held accountable for what they’ve done.

4: Final Thoughts

-Jessica was found dead on the side of a road in 2012. -Her cause of death is unknown, but there are many speculations that she was murdered. -The autopsy report has not been released to the public. -Jessica’s mother is suing the hospital for medical malpractice and wrongful death. -It is believed that Jessica may have died because she was denied adequate treatment for her eating disorder. -It seems as though she may have had an underlying heart condition as well, which could have contributed to her death. -There are also some people who believe that Jessi committed suicide due to her depression and anxiety. -Hospital staff said they were treating her for stomach pain at the time, but it turns out that she died from a blocked artery caused by scarring from bulimia nervosa. -As soon as these allegations were revealed, two nurses filed lawsuits against LA County/USC Medical Center saying they were pressured to falsify records about what happened before Jessica passed away.

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