Instagram Guides: What you Need to Know

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Instagram introduced Guides last spring. This feature allowed privileged accounts to create content focused on well-being tips and recommendations. buy Instagram Followers UK

Instagram has made Guides more accessible to all users, making it easier to include them in brands’ and businesses’ social media and content strategies. This is everything you need to know to get started with Instagram Guides. Click Here

What are Instagram Guides?

Types of Instagram guides
Use Instagram Guides to Benefit Your Business
How to create Instagram guides

What are Instagram Guides?

Instagram Guides is a new feature that allows users to discover and share tips and recommendations from creators, small businesses and brands. Instagram Guides are a mix of text and images that can be used to create detailed content for your followers. They look similar to blog posts in the list style. https://superviral.uk/

They appear in a tab distinct from your main feed. However, you can find them on the Explore Page, Instagram Stories, and direct messages.

Different types of guides

There are three types of Instagram Guides you can create. You can use these Instagram Guides to promote your products, group your content, or share a detailed travel guide. buy Instagram Followers UK


You can start creating Instagram guides by using existing posts. An Instagram Posts Guide is a guide that covers a broad topic. To create curated content for your followers, you can link posts you have already made. This feature can create how-to posts from DIY posts or answer frequently asked questions.

It can also provide additional information for your audience on a topic that interests you. After selecting your posts, add catchy titles to your guide and descriptions to provide context for your readers and keep them interested throughout the guide.


Product guides promote your favourite products, announce new collections, or create gift guides. You can search for brands, small businesses, and influencer merch and choose specific products to highlight. You can only feature items in the Instagram Shop. If you don’t have one, you should.

This will allow you to be featured in other users’ posts. To keep your audience interested, use dynamic images and interesting products.


You can choose specific locations or view public photos other users take at a location tagged in a places guide. This is a great way to share your favourite spots in a community, suggest popular restaurants and bars, and even share travel ideas. These guides allow you to show your love for your local community and give your friends a glimpse into the places that matter most.

Local businesses can be featured on the place’s guide to increasing visibility. After making your choices, you can add headers and descriptions that give more context to your followers about why you selected each place.

Use Instagram Guides to Benefit Your Business

It is easy to add Instagram Guides into your social media marketing strategy. This is especially true if you are already using the platform. Here are some reasons to use Instagram Guides. buy Instagram Followers UK

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Boost Brand Loyalty

You can also create guides to share valuable content with your audience. You can make an Instagram guide that tells your brand’s story and promotes a cause you care about to build brand loyalty. It would help if you were unique among all the other Instagram business accounts. Don’t be afraid of being personal with your followers.

Keep users engaged

Similar to Instagram Reels, guides are long-form content that keeps users interested for longer periods. Instead of scrolling through your posts on Instagram, a guide will help them learn more about your brand, find new products, get information from your tips and look at similar posts they’ve shared.

If the guide is well curated, users can access all the information they require from their guide and not have to go searching for it. Users can also engage by liking, commenting, sharing and purchasing directly from the Instagram Guide.

Make use of keywords

Instagram recently upgraded its search function to allow users to search the content using broad keywords, hashtags, location, and profiles. You can now include relevant keywords in your guides, increasing your chances of appearing in Instagram searches and on the Explore Page of a user.

Collaborate With Influencers

Influencer marketing is an important part of Instagram. Instagram guides are a way to work with influencers to promote your products or share your content. With Instagram product guides, you can partner with Influencers. You can promote your products through their stories and feature your items in-feed posts.

E-commerce and local shops can use product guides to advertise their products and increase sales. You can increase your reach on Instagram by pairing Instagram Shop with Instagram Guides.

Make sure you are aware of causes that matter to you

People love to see brands that care about the same causes they do. They also love seeing how businesses are making an impact in their communities. Use Instagram Guides to highlight a cause you care about or businesses supporting it. Your followers might share your passion if you are passionate about something. buy Instagram Followers UK

How to create Instagram guides

Because they are easy to make, Instagram guides are a great way to increase your social media content. These steps will help you create Instagram guides! buy Instagram Followers UK

Go to your profile page and not your feed page.
Tap the plus sign in the upper-right corner.
Choose “Guide” from the available options.
You can choose from the following guide types: products, places, or posts.
Start building your guide by adding photos and titles.
After you are done, click “Next” in the upper right corner.

Tap “Share”.After you have published your Instagram Guide, let your followers know by sharing it on their stories. It will encourage your followers to share, like, or comment on the guide in their stories. Do you need help with creating Instagram guides or other social media posts? Hurrdat Marketing will help you develop a social media strategy that targets your audience. Please find out more about our social marketing services!

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