Top 6 Technology Trends Reshaping the Women’s Fashion Industry

Women’s fashion has always been the most profitable field in the mode world. Therefore, it’s only intuitive that most assets are invested there. However, this hasn’t proven to be the truth in real life. With sustainability criticism, fast fashion, and low wages, the women’s fashion industry hasn’t changed much in the last decade or two. Due to that, technology came as a refreshment this industry needed. 

Why is following technology trends so important? The need to meet the expectations of high-connected customers of today is slowly reshaping the fashion we know. Using technology, fashion brands will be able to keep up with high demands and emerging trends. So, which tech trends should you utilize?

1. Mobile shopping

As the fashion industry continues to grow and goes beyond borders, mobile shopping has become the inevitable experience for many consumers. Due to the frequent use of mobile devices, this type of shopping has become one of the fastest-growing in the eCommerce world. How does that affect the fashion industry of today?

Since mobile technology is upgraded and developed daily, new methods emerge in eCommerce industries all the time. Varying payment methods, social media shopping, and live-streaming are the top reasons why more customers opt for mobile purchasing. With such changes, each aspect of the fashion industry is reshaped and improved. 

2. Virtual and augmented reality

While eCommerce and mobile shopping are getting increasingly popular, issues like sizing and fitting became widely spread. To prevent and minimize the negative aspects of digital shopping, developers decided to utilize virtual and augmented reality. How are such tools in daily shopping habits?

Even though VR and AR are yet to receive their peak, many brands utilize them to improve the shopping experience. AR and VR can help customers find clothes that fit their body types and choose adequate sizing without leaving the comfort of their homes. Once these tools become used commonly, they will forever change the way brands sell clothes. 

3. Sustainable fashion 

Sustainability is one of the top issues people talk about. Criticizing fast fashion has become a trend many consumers decided to follow. Therefore, technology like innovative materials will reshape the women’s fashion we know today. What else can help brands become more sustainable?

Did you know that fast fashion brands produce over 40 collections per year? With that many items, the quality decreases while pollution increases. This leads to increased demand. So, instead of utilizing a fast fashion business model, consider slow fashion, natural fabrics, and high-quality clothing that will last for years! 

4. 3D printing 

3D printing isn’t a new technology in the world, but it’s new in the world of fashion! Many designers started exploring the possibilities of 3D printing clothing, accessories, and similar items. This led to the development of adequate materials for 3D printers and unique designs we simply can’t turn down! What are the benefits of 3D printing?

This production method is flawless for originality and sustainability. While it can use more eco-friendly materials, 3D printers minimize waste by reducing the quantity. On top of that, these machines eliminate errors and create more fitting items that can be adjusted to all shapes and sizes! 

5. Hyper personalization 

Originality and creativity have always been some of the biggest motivators in the fashion industry. Consumers are looking to build their unique styles, but with fast fashion and trends, that is almost impossible. Learn how to stand out from the crowd by implementing hyper-personalization via design software for your customers! 

Hyper personalization will allow your customers to choose their own style and create a wardrobe they have always dreamed of! By offering custom clothing, you are reducing bulk production and waste, therefore being eco-friendlier and more sustainable. On top of that, design software increase engagement and help your customers truly express themselves through your brand! 

6. Use of artificial intelligence 

With the increased popularity of AI, it would be almost impossible to avoid its effects on the fashion industry as well. Whether you use it to help you create business models, and content or assist with customer service and support, having AI will elevate your business to a higher level! How will the use of artificial intelligence reshape the entire fashion industry in just a couple of clicks?

Smart chatbots are already a thing on many fashion websites. They offer their assistance in making fashion brands available 24/7.  In addition to that, AI can help you analyze consumers’ data which will improve the way you do marketing and run your business. Don’t forget that artificial intelligence can also learn from your buyers and make personalized suggestions, which will exceed their expectations and increase your sales!

Final thoughts

As you can see, fashion is and will be impacted by changes and upgrades in technology. Be ahead of the change and your competitors by utilizing these 6 trends. We’ve only scratched the surface of the endless possibilities of technology, so stay up to date with improvements to boost your business’s success! 

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