Mother Earth is already bearing the brunts from the changing global climate, which has led people to think consciously of turning their preference towards environmental-friendly and sustainable products. Vegan products are now becoming a part of the urban lifestyle. Such a lifestyle excludes any forms of exploitation of animals for any purpose, thus, promoting the use of animal-free alternatives to benefit animals, humans, and the environment. This virtue is reflected in the field of fashion, including the entertainment industry, footwear, handbags, medicine, and dietary products.

The footwear industry is promoting eco-friendly sneakers to make a virtuous contribution to social and environmental good. The material is synthetic or recycled, which doesn’t pollute the environment;instead, it gets decomposes after dumping since the material used is bio-degradable. These sneakers are also sustainable because they are prepared from plant-based materials, durable, and readily available.

Besides these, other benefits of switching to eco-friendly sneakers from leather-based sneakers are as follows: –

→ Reduction in Wastage – sustainable footwear is prepared from environmental-friendly material, which is readily available. Sneakers of this material have a longer life and, later, are easy to discard by usually dumping in landfills, where they decompose without creating any pollution in soil or water.

→ Value for money – Sustainable sneakers are prepared from high-quality material, which is now readily available. The material is no longer expensive as it was a couple of years ago. It is affordable at an economical price due to increased demand for the product, which leads to lower cost of production and easy access of the product to people.

→ Varied Range and Variety – Besides vegan and recycled material, upcycled shoes are also prepared, which look trendy yet classy and attractive. It uses the old, discarded, or torn pieces and transforms them into better ones, which can be worn by adding value. The mix and matching of the design lead to a varied range of products and adds variety.

→ Creative and Unique styles – most brands hire designers who create unique and individual designs which add value. Most shoe designers in today’s scenarios have started opening their brands as start-ups, which are customer-friendly and open to making designs per customer’s demand.

→ Support for local brands – most local brands hire local artisans to make the product which helps create job opportunities—this contributes to the country’s employment. Local brands are relatively economical and readily available in the market. Often the products are crafted ethically and humanely per the place’s culture and trends. It also uplifts the small brand and community as a whole.

→ Preservation of Natural Resources – since these shoes are made of non-vegan material, they are easy to discard. Recycling has mainly contributed to conserving natural resources that were previously harmed while dumping non-vegan products.

Thus, supporting eco-friendly footwear is for the greater good of the environment, community, and us. These products last longer than regular non-vegan footwear and are easy to maintain. In addition, these are available at almost the same price. So go for eco-friendly, sustainable, and vegan footwear next time you purchase for yourself and do your bit to contribute to maintaining a green environment.

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