The Best Day Spas in Fort Worth

Stress has become a natural and constant part of daily life, but it shouldn’t be. Whether you’re busy working and raising kids or going to school and keeping up with your social life, it’s important to let yourself cut loose every once in a while.

These are the best day spas in Fort Worth! Give yourself the chance to cut loose and have fun. 

Corinthian Wellness Spa

If you want the best spa experience you can get, head to Corinthian Wellness Spa! With every room dedicated to relaxation and filled with gorgeous decor, you’ll feel at home as they guide you through getting your patience back. The products and services change throughout the year, allowing for seasonal treatments, and they often offer discounts to first-time patrons.

Woodhouse Spa

If you need a break from looking at houses for rent in Fort Worth, it’s time to head to Woodhouse Spa! This spa has been open for over five years, working stress out of muscles and pores. The masseuses are incredibly popular, with guests saying the staff made them feel comfortable and helped them fully relax instead of holding onto the stress. From facials to masks to full body massages, you’ll find something that suits your needs!


When you’re ready to sink away into a day of relaxation and easy stress relief, Spavia has you covered! The massage therapists here are extremely professional and know how to keep guests comfortable. You can request not to talk during your massage or have an easy conversation with the staff while they work out any knots or tightness in your joints and muscles. This is an extremely comfortable and soothing experience for so many.

Hiatus Spa

Although this is the most affordable day spa on this list, don’t let that fool you! All of the services offered here are extremely relaxing and will give you the chance to unwind fully. You can get a massage, manicure, facial, pedicure, or anything else that helps you unwind from a full day of exhausting work and stress. By the end of your visit, you’ll feel like a changed person!

Perfect Touch Day Spa

Sometimes you just need a getaway! Whether you’re interested in a postpartum massage or getting a facial that will reduce your pores and leave your skin clear, you’ll feel comfortable the moment you arrive at Perfect Touch Day Spa. This service has been open for over 20 years and continues to offer guests the best care and respect possible.  

You’ll melt into your chair and feel comfortable talking to the staff as they help your stress and headaches melt away. Although it’s a little more expensive, you’re paying for the experience they have and their fantastic abilities that will unwind you like none other. This is the highest-rated spa on this list, and we can see why! 

Everyone Deserves a Spa Day

Spa days are the best ways to have fun and relax while getting pampered. They make you stop and take your time, which is what a lot of us need, so give yourself this break!

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