Subtle Sophistication – Designer Sneakers and White Jeans

Brand names are important in clothing and each represents a particular budget you should have to afford their garments. If you wait, the goods will be much cheaper on discount but “outdated.” To shop affordable menswear online is easy now and the multiple options can be confusing. The best stores use the money they save on rent to offer bigger discounts.

The number of items displayed online are more with the additional storage space of a large warehouse. Keeping this in mind, one of Baltimore’s brick and mortar stores founded around 30 years ago decided to sell goods online to their loyal customer base.

Unbelievably affordable menswear online

If you are looking to buy men’s clothing and shoes online with a European flavor or Italian accent – visit Dolce Vita Fashion online. They have been hand-picking the cream of the crop in European and American fashion for their clients. Their prices don’t reflect the same and their collection of exotic shoes are often mistaken for faux leather because they are so affordable.

If you want to shop for designer suits and shoes quickly without buying the wrong ones, everything online has a high fashion or classic look and feel. The simplest shirts in plain colors are high quality with a designer touch. The most impressive section on their web store is the collection of rad shoes.

34 Heritage and Luchiano Visconti – cream of the crop

Sometimes fashions change quickly while these days a couple of styles have been around for a long time. Distressed jeans and beards have made a huge comeback after being considered outdated for a couple of decades. What becomes interesting is pairing distressed jeans with crocodile/ alligator/ caiman shoes and a designer shirt. You could keep it simple and wear a lizard skin belt with a nice pair of jeans in blue or black.

These long lasting denim pants are usually displayed by the dozen on any website thereby leaving customers dazed by the number of options. That’s not the case on the Dolce Vita Fashion interface for men’s jeans. They display only the best options for someone with good taste by brands like 34 Heritage and Luchiano Visconti. If you are also interested in dress pants, the interfaces a few clicks away are not crowded with options. One of the other departments that can be confusing after purchasing your suit and shirts are the ties in different colors, fabrics, and widths. Limited options makes it easier to find the right one and more in the latest styles and colors.

We always recommend a jazzy pocket square for those that don’t wear ties with their suits. These have grown in popularity immensely and can be seen at most formal events and parties. Dolce Vita Fashion has not been selling t-shirts recently, but they really have what any high fashion IT dude would love to wear.

They can shop affordable menswear online and find the perfect pair of men’s jeans and animal skin sneakers. What can rock the floor at work more than jeans and a fabulous pair of lace-ups or monk-straps? Nothing weird but the entire collection is high fashion and each piece is a perfect example of craftsmanship and genuine world class leather. If you are looking to buy men’s clothing and shoes online, this is one place that also has a superb collection of accessories like Kangol hats, cufflinks, socks, etc.

Funky threads for fashion leaders

If there’s one online store you should visit every few weeks it is Dolce Vita Fashion. If you prefer to buy men’s clothing and shoes online, our collections are full of pleasant surprises. If you like boots/ sneakers/ sandals or just formal shoes for your suit or dress pants, you’ll find unbelievable designs at the lowest prices. Pair your shoes while online with a zany shirt or something simple but stitched perfectly for that extra subtle sophistication at work or a party.

Working with a handful of brands and designers has been very fruitful for Dolce Vita Fashion and ensured their vision is not clouded by too many options. Their website is not a labyrinth, but a place to buy men’s clothing and shoes online for kings and warriors. Live the good life with a wardrobe full of the best threads in the west.

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