Seven Frequently Asked Questions About French And Spanish

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When enrolling in a language course for a foreign language training in Agra at the top foreign institute training in Agra, a large number of individuals ask questions at NIN HAO Agra and receive answers. The issues that are often asked are listed below are.

  • Which Language Has Greater Relevance, Spanish or French?
  •  Spanish and French are two of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Despite having 534 million   speakers, Spanish ranks fourth on the list after French and Polish, each of which has 280 million speakers.
  • Should I start with French or Spanish?
  • Spanish comes first because the language is phonetic, then French because its grammatical structure is the simplest. I would give up Italian once my Spanish was somewhat solid, and then, as I went along, I would look at the similarities and contrasts between the two languages and repeatedly practise my Spanish.


  • Exactly why is Spanish superior to French?
  • However, the accent is sometimes stronger and the vocabulary is less extensive in Spanish than it is in French. Availability and demand for Spanish speakers are additional aspects to take into account, and potentially more employment will be produced by Spanish speakers than by French speakers.


  • Which Language Is Useful the Most? Spanish or French?
  • If you are traveling in the US or throughout Latin America, Spanish will probably be more helpful than English. Even though you might not be fluent in the national tongue, knowing French could come in handy if you’re visiting or doing business in Canada.


  • Are French and Spanish equal in value?
  • The majority of South America (apart from Brazil, which occupies the majority of the continent), Mexico, the Caribbean, and portions of the southern United States all have populations of between 4.425 and 510 million people who speak Spanish. As a result, behind English, French is currently the second most important language in the world, and Spanish is third.


  • Is Learning French Easier after Spanish?
  • Before extending it to other languages, it is good to start with a language you are familiar with. We all use the same grammar and read and talk in the same manner. If you have mastered French, then learning Spanish is simpler. No matter what you have previously studied, learning French is not difficult.


  • Is Learning French a Good First Language?
  • languages used for language learning. Since France accounts for a large portion of the vocabulary in English, it is ideal to acquire French as a foundation for learning other languages, notably Romance languages like Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian.

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