Sarah Snook Weight Gain Journey: How She Put on 8 Pounds for a Role

Sarah Snook Weight Gain Journey: Sarah Snook has been in the public eye since she was in her teens, but her big break came in 2013 when she was cast as Kitty Bennet in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Since then, she’s had roles on Australian TV shows, including Playing for Keeps and Love Child, as well as appearing in the series The Code, on HBO.

1) What it’s like gaining weight

The process of weight gain is intense. You have to eat, and eat often. The first week I had to put on over 10 pounds in 7 days. I was eating about 6-7 thousand calories per day and working out for up to two hours a day. As soon as my weight stabilized, I started dieting again to lose the weight before the movie started shooting in 4 weeks time. It was difficult because even though my appetite diminished, it wasn’t by much. It took me six months to lose all the weight after filming.

2) Sarah Snook gained 8 pounds, but you should go heavier

Sarah Snook is an Australian actress who played the lead role in The Beguiled, based off of Thomas Cullinan’s novel. When she was offered the role, she knew that gaining some weight would be necessary to portray a convincing Southern belle during the Civil War.

However, she didn’t want to go overboard and put on too much weight. So she ate her favorite foods and gained only eight pounds. That proved just enough to convince Hollywood execs that she was right for the part—and if you’re considering doing something similar, don’t worry about it—just do what you need to do to make your dreams come true!

3) Sarah Snook gained weight by consuming more calories

In order to get to the weight she needed to be for her film, Sarah had to do some math. I was about 118 pounds when I started, she tells us. And I have five scenes where my character eats, so I had to gain about eight pounds. The process of gaining weight included adding in 500 extra calories per day, which she did by eating things like cereal and ice cream every day. For every pound that she gained, she’d have to maintain it for three months until filming ended.

4) The foods in her diet plan

I would wake up with a shake made of spinach, almond milk, frozen fruit and protein powder. I would snack on nuts and raisins throughout the day.  Dinner was always meat with vegetables cooked in olive oil. After dinner, I’d have another shake before bed. To make my weight gain believable, I wanted to keep muscle tone so I didn’t want to bulk up too much so it was important to continue my workouts.
The most challenging part of this process is that because we’re shooting an independent film on location for two weeks and I’m not in control of my food intake during that time. It also doesn’t help that our catering service is cooking all the food from scratch which means it’s all fresh ingredients. That being said, there are some difficulties but overall it’s been a positive experience.

5) Why she chose a traditional diet over shakes

Training my body to handle the additional weight is about 10% of the work. I also need to eat enough calories so that my metabolism can keep up. The rest of the job is in keeping my muscles from atrophying, which means getting in some form of activity every day, even if it’s just walking. It also requires me to do things like warming up before and cooling down after exercising (to prevent injury) and remembering to stretch and drink lots of water.

It’s easier said than done! Eating well takes time—and sometimes appetite too. I’m not always hungry when I should be and as a result, forget to eat something healthy or adequate throughout the day. One thing has become clear: my desire to exercise regularly has far exceeded what my willpower could handle back when I was thinner and had fewer commitments on top of my hectic shooting schedule.

I knew what had been missing in this equation all along—a personal trainer who can help get me started with strength training, teach me how to modify moves safely as I get stronger, set achievable goals that will spur further motivation for working out more often… you name it!

6) Her exercise routine while gaining weight

Sarah Snook Weight -I’ve been working with Keto Chow to put on weight for a role. I wanted to find something that would be healthy and provide me with the nutrients and calories that I needed, since my typical diet was lacking. I found out about Keto Chow from one of my friends who is also an actor.
He suggested it as an easy way to start keto, so I gave it a try. Within five days of starting the full day pack, I had gained eight pounds! It was such an easy way to put on weight without any negative side effects like bloating or gas buildup. My only problem now is how do I lose all this weight?

7) Her experience with weight gain supplements like Keto Chow

Sarah Snook Weight -I was really nervous about the idea of gaining weight, but it ended up being an incredible experience. I ate healthy and worked out six times a week, but I also took the time to build muscle by following my trainer’s advice. It was an eye-opening experience because it showed me how easy it is to put on weight when you’re working as hard as I was.

It made me appreciate what people with eating disorders have to go through.
I tried Keto Chow while training for my role and found that it helped me feel satisfied in between meals, which helped me maintain my intake of calories and macro nutrients. To make sure I still got enough vitamins and minerals, I used Mega One Daily Vitamins from Vital Proteins every day. My husband Adam Farrar, who directed episodes of Homecoming, would take them too!

He would drink the chocolate flavored keto chow before he went to bed at night and said he slept better than ever.
I did end up gaining eight pounds during my training, which I thought was a lot at first. But then I saw pictures of myself after filming and couldn’t believe how much more beautiful I looked! So in retrospect, those eight pounds were worth it if they made me look even more like this.

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