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Recommended Tasty Treats at Red Lobster

Unsure of what to order at Red Lobster? Or perhaps you just want to try something new. In any case, the next time you visit Red Lobster, try out any of these feasts and starters: 

Ultimate Family Feast

This is one of the most popular options at Red Lobster. Sure, you pay $31.85 for the Ultimate Feast, but you really get your full money’s worth. It’s a classic for many good reasons. 

This starts with the plentiful seafood you get with this order. You have the tender and succulent Maritime lobster tails, along with the legs of the North American snow crabs caught in the wild. Then you also get the classic handcrafted garlic shrimp scampi. 

Let’s not forget that it also comes with Walt’s Favorite Shrimp. That means you get the hand-breaded shrimp that’s been butterflied and then just lightly fried to crispy and flaky perfection. This is the popcorn shrimp that truly established the Red Lobster excellence. It’s ironic that despite the Red Lobster name, it’s this shrimp item that made the brand a household name. 

But we’re not done yet. The dish is served with lemon plus melted butter and cocktail sauce. You get your choice of family-sized sides. And to top it all off, it comes with 8 of the fantastic Cheddar Bay biscuits, which many consider the best single item on the entire menu. 

Just keep in mind that this isn’t for a single person. It’s meant for 4 people, and each one of these 4 will be truly sated with all the seafood goodness here. 

Admiral’s Feast

This is a great alternative to the Ultimate Feast. You also get Walt’s Favorite Shrimp, but this time they’re accompanied by bay scallops, clam strips, and wild-caught flounder. They’ve all been fried nicely to a perfect golden-brown color, while you also get cocktail and tartar sauces for dipping. 

Again, you have your choice of two sides. The main issue here is that this doesn’t come with the Cheddar Bay Biscuits, and no visit to Red Lobster is complete without getting some of that. In any case, it shouldn’t be any trouble picking Cheddar Bay Biscuits as one of your side choices. 

Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms

The bad news here is that this may or may not be available at your particular location. But if it is, then it’s perfectly acceptable to just go for it. 

The item name says it all. You get several mushrooms that have been stuffed with the signature seafood stuffing from Red Lobster, along with some melty Monterey Jack Cheese. This is a great appetizer to start things off, while you ponder what to order as your main dish. 

You can share this with a group of friends, but it’s not uncommon for a single person to just devour the whole thing. It’s just yummy. 

Signature Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail

This is another popular starter option for lots of Red Lobster fans. You get a cocktail glass filled with ice, and along the sides hang half a dozen shrimp so you enjoy them chilled. In the middle, you have the marinara dipping sauce for a bit of zing. 

It’s simple and good, and it is light enough for a starter so you still have an appetite for your feast later on. 

Lobster Bisque

Again, we have another appetizer here. A bisque is basically a type of soup, and it’s known for being thick and creamy. The Lobster Bisque at Red Lobster is particularly great when you dip your Cheddar Bay Biscuits into it. 

Along with the creaminess of the Lobster Bisque, you also get that slight tang, as if it’s been bolstered by cooking wine. The lobster flavor is perhaps the strongest, even if there’s not really a lot of lobster meat in the soup. That’s not what a bisque is all about in the first place. That strong lobster flavor is smoothly consistent, so you get to enjoy at with every taste. 

On its own, this Lobster Bisque is great and can stand against the lobster bisques served at restaurants. What really makes it stand out is that when paired with the Cheddar Bay Biscuits, you get a fantastic treat you won’t get anywhere else. 

Final Word

Just in case you haven’t realized it yet, you need the Cheddar Bay Biscuits. Every Red Lobster fan knows just how terrific these biscuits are, so we didn’t have to list them. But if you’re a Red Lobster newbie, you should now that no Red Lobster meal is complete without these babies. 

In any case, just sit back and relax. Enjoy the starters while you wait for your main dish, and savor the presence of your friends. This is one meal you’re sure to enjoy! 

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