Pros of Dynamic Ad Insertion

DAI is a technique that makes it possible to add advertisements to streaming videos. Instead of being client-side, DAI is server-side. You can add video advertising components to live, linear programming, and video on demand (VOD) material using server-side ad insertion (SSAI). For ad insertion, an encoder transcodes and conditions the video streams depending on embedded protocol information. The necessary cues are subsequently added to the playlist at those points. During commercial breaks, pertinent ad chunks are transparently transmitted across your network to the viewing device. DAI, however, has purposes beyond only technical ones.

DAI plays a significant part in attempts for targeted advertising. Geolocalization, sociodemographics, behavioral profiles, as well as per device, per piece of content, and user, are just a few of the many levels at which advertising can be targeted. For a smooth, TV-like experience for the viewer, CTV DAI solutions combine your video content and targeted adverts into a single stream, independent of a website or app.

Personalization and multiscreen advertising:

It seems like everyone now offers video services, and new companies in the market are appearing daily. There is fierce rivalry because there are many service options available to viewers.

  • Listed below are only a few of the participants:
  • Broadcasters, Pay-TV companies, Telcos
  • providers of pure OTT, gaming systems
  • social networks for videos, Rightsholders, athletic leagues

If you want to draw subscribers, differentiating your service offering has become crucial. The query is still open. How? Ads with tailored content are one of the true game-changers.

Effectiveness and Efficiency

Efficiency and effectiveness are the major advantages of DAI for broadcasters because they both boost viewer engagement. The technology’s greatest advantage is that it enables broadcasters to maximize the viewing experience of their audiences by providing them with pertinent content at all times. Additionally, it can prevent conventional TV advertising from being ignored by viewers since they are unimportant to them. The technology is helpful for both on-demand and lives TV broadcasts since it enables broadcasters to improve the viewing experience regardless of the kind of content being watched or how it is being consumed.

More ad management

Video DAI also gives advertisers complete control over the advertising they wish to display at all times, which is another important advantage. Although the technology may seem to give viewers more control, the contrary is true. First and foremost, this technology makes sure that playback or a live transmission is never interrupted. The system will strive to transition advertising as rapidly as possible whenever a viewer attempts to skip past an ad for any reason. This has the effect of preventing consumers from ever choosing how they want to watch their preferred TV series and movies.

Improved Audience Experience

This technique has no negative effects on viewership or engagement because broadcasters follow the standards for ad insertion set by the television industry. Viewers never have to be concerned about missing out on crucial sequences just because they were attempting to skip an advertisement thanks to this technology, which is entirely clear to them.

Both broadcasters and their sponsors can benefit from dynamic ad insertion in several ways. The experience provided by television programming will greatly improve and set new benchmarks for capturing viewers as it is more widely embraced. With DAI, you can finally increase the relevancy and targeting of advertising while maintaining a positive viewing experience for all.

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