Make a logo for an advertising agency

Developing an original, memorable, high-quality, professional and distinctive logo is the main task for an advertising agency. An advertising agency logo reveals character and reflects individuality. Some companies want to emphasize reliability, stability and their status, so they choose simple and sometimes austere corporate signs in the style of minimalism, while others prefer to attract attention with bright colors and unexpected images, emphasizing their creativity and positivity.

Peculiarities of creating a logo for an advertising agency 

Creating a unique logo for an advertising agency starts with a great idea. Before you start creating it, find answers to the questions:

  • What beliefs and values does the advertising agency have?
  • What should the logo tell potential clients about?
  • What makes you special?
  • What do you do better than the competition?

The work of creating a corporate identity is largely determined by the type of advertising agency, the chosen area of activity, geographic location (for local structures), goals and objectives in the advertising business at the moment and in the long term.

There are 5 characteristics of the ideal advertising agency logo:

  1. The right shape.
  2. Perfect business lines
  3. Unique color combination
  4. Reasonable consistency with trends
  5. Correct dimensions.

Ways to create a logo for an advertising agency 

  • Draw a logo yourself. The easiest and fastest option is to draw one yourself. In this option you will be able to make a logo to your liking and not to pay a penny for it. But to take up this matter you should only if you have the time and desire.
  • Logo designers. Perhaps to help you in creating a logo will help you online generators. One convenient service is Turbologo. The advantage of this service is that it is fast, inexpensive and easy. Anyone without any graphic design skills can master Turbologo. Just enter your name, slogan, choose a theme for your logo and the service will find a lot of options for icons for the advertising agency.
  • Hire a designer. There are design studios and marketing agencies for this. You’ll get a great professional logo there that meets all the graphic canons, fits your target audience, and ties in with your marketing strategy. But the downside of such agencies is that they charge a high price for their services.


In order to create a logo for an advertising agency that clearly conveys the brand message to your target audience, you need to analyze the logos of your successful competitors. There are two strategies: mimicry, adjusting to the colors and style of your competitors. Statistically, most advertising logos, regardless of continent, country or region, are typographic. Companies prefer simple logos because they are well perceived by the audience and easy to remember. You should not use too many fonts and colors. The “cleaner,” readable and simpler your logo is, the faster it will become recognizable and memorable to your potential audience.

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