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The Longest Yard Cast

the longest yard cast

If you love watching Adam Sandler in comedies, you’ll love The Longest Yard cast. He plays an ex-pro-NFL player who crashes into his girlfriend’s Bentley and then subsequently leads his inmate team in a football game against the guards. In this fun comedy, Sandler reveals his inner demons as he struggles to prove his worth.

Adam Sandler

The Longest Yard is a comedy that stars Adam Sandler as a disgraced pro football player. After crashing his girlfriend’s Bentley, he leads a team of inmates in a game of football. The film is a hit with critics and audiences alike.

The Longest Yard is an American comedy film directed by Peter Segal, with a script by Sheldon Turner. The film follows the lives of a disgraced former professional football quarterback, Paul Crewe, and his new friends, who are now in prison. The cast includes Burt Reynolds as the prison inmates’ coach, Nelly as Crewe’s friend Caretaker, and Terry Crews, Michael Irvin, Brian Bosworth, and Bill Goldberg.

Aside from Sandler himself, the cast also includes a number of familiar faces, including long-time co-star Allen Covert, who rarely works in other films. Burt Reynolds, meanwhile, plays a role formerly played by Michael Conrad in the television show “F Troop.” Courtney Cox, meanwhile, appears as Sandler’s fed-up girlfriend. The film’s strong cast and killer soundtrack make it an entertaining comedy.

While Sandler doesn’t have the swagger of Reynolds’ Crewe, his sexy and endearing character, Paul Crewe, is still a likable guy, and he does an adequate job playing the part. The supporting cast is good, but there isn’t much depth to their portrayals.

James Farrell

“James Farrell has the longest yard cast,” a bumper sticker that proclaims. The movie is a comedic drama about an ex-pro football player who gets imprisoned for his role in an illegal football league. The harrowing experience causes Farrell to reevaluate his life. He realizes that his actions are not only harmful to himself, but to others around him. So he enlists the help of a black prison guard who becomes a mentor to the inmates. The cast includes actors from films like The Longest Yard, The Invasion, and Prison Break.

“The Longest Yard” is an American movie based on a 1974 film. The film is a sports comedy and is directed by Peter Segal. It stars Paul “Wrecking” Crewe, a legendary football player in his time. For more information about the film’s cast and crew, please visit the official website.

“The Longest Yard” is an American comedy film directed by Peter Segal and written by Sheldon Turner. It is a remake of Robert Aldrich’s 1974 film of the same name. Sandler plays a disgraced former NFL quarterback, while Farrell plays his teammate. Other notable members of the cast include Nelly, Chris Rock, and William Fichtner.

James Cromwell

A new movie based on the classic novel “The Longest Yard” will star James Cromwell as a sadistic prison warden. It will also feature Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, and Burt Reynolds. Cloris Leachman has also signed on to play the warden’s secretary. Other actors who have signed on to play major roles in the film include William Fichtner and Gary Oldman. Production on the film will begin at the Old State Penitentiary in New Mexico.

Adam Sandler stars as Paul Crewe, a former NFL quarterback who is incarcerated after being convicted of drunken driving. When he learns about an annual football game between the inmates and the prison guards, he gets excited. His team members, which include a fellow inmate Caretaker, and an old football legend named Nate Scarborough, are determined to win the game.

A sports comedy about a football team and a football legend, “The Longest Yard” stars Adam Sandler as Paul Crewe, a disgraced former NFL quarterback. It also stars Burt Reynolds as the inmates’ coach. Another member of the cast is Chris Rock, who plays Crewe’s best friend Caretaker. Other actors in the film include Brian Bosworth, Bill Goldberg, and Terry Crews.

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