Eurythmy is an art form that is paving its way among the young artists to bring to expression speech and music. Through eurythmy, you depict the artistic body movements accompanied by live instrumental music and the sounds of vowels and consonants.

Eurythmy has been brought into being by Rudolf Steiner, who defined this creative body movement as ‘visible song’ and ‘visible speech’. Later. Eurythmy evolved into an educational and healing art through a unique performance. The learners of eurythmy become attentive to various sounds, rhythms, and images in a poem or music. You indulge in varying art movements to express the inner feeling & creative force of the vowels, consonants, and intervals in music.

Performed in a significant space in geometric or asymmetric forms, the eurythmy artists also convey the rhythm, lyrics, and dynamics of the act.

Eurythmy – A Way to Spiritual Healing
The soothing body movement heals your body from within. Here is what features this beautiful art:

Individual Creativity

Eurythmy is all about bringing out creative inner expression. In the beginning stages, you imitate and memorize the body movements. For accurate expressions, you can mould the body movements to differentiate moods, colors, historical epochs, human expressions, and musical styles. You understand the meaning behind a gesture, direction, energy, and what the music and speech communicate to you.

If you focus on the artistic feeling in the speech or music, it helps you go beyond your personal moods. Eurythmy speech course helps you analyze your individual art and awaken your inner life, including your ability to listen, observe, understand, visualize, and think.
The educational curriculum in Waldorf Education endeavors to activate and protect human potential. The gestures in eurythmy dance form correspond to sounds and happily express your inner emotions. It contributes to the cognitive development of children.

Why Perform Eurythmy?

With the focus on the words and the sounds, eurythmy gives an internal relaxation to your soul and body. It establishes a beautiful connection between your mind and body while indulging your whole body to create unique body movements. You find the perfect balance in your life.

Summing Up

Eurythmy requires your focus and goodwill to express your emotions through music and speech. It enhances your skills of being attentive and put attention to every detail, such as the intervals in the music, major & minor nodes, and the sounds of vowels and consonants.
If you want to learn the healing art, you can enrol in a eurythmy speech course. With eurythmy curriculum, you learn the principles to live the happy moment in your life.

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