Importance of stories in a Child’s life and how they impact learning

Ever thought about why boys and girls choose different toys, colors, and stories? Why do girls like to dress in Pink and want to be princesses, and boys want to be care racer? Stories told to children can make a huge difference.


Scholars think that stories told to children greatly impact the children’s understanding of cultural and gender roles. Stories not only improve a child’s vocabulary but also showcase values, beliefs, and points of view, shaping the perception of reality in children.


Children learn how to act, behave and think through the characters they encounter through storiesSpanish stories for learners are an excellent way for a beginner to learn the language. Spanish being one of the most spoken language, is a great pick when you would want to start a new language with your kid.


What is the importance of stories?


Stories, either told through pictures, dance or visuals, are one of the most basic ways to communicate. A known scholar of literature, Lousie Rosenblatt, stated that we understand ourselves through the characters’ lives in stories. It also stated that stories help readers understand how authors and their characters think, how they act, and what they do. Another research conducted by Kathy Short says that Children learn and develop through stories, a crucial quality of how to engage in social action. 

Stories help children have empathy and create imaginative and varying thinking. This generates many ideas and solutions rather than looking for exact responses. 


What is storytelling?


Storytelling is an act where a person is telling his story to someone who is a listener. It is a basic connection and reminds us of how you are a part of something enduring and larger than yourself.


The act of storytelling 


Storytelling is relevant right now and continues to be relevant as long as people feel the need to share their stories. 


Different Types of children’s book genres


  • Folktale – A folktale is a story that is shared a lot and has been told by many generations. A folktale can be a fairytale, a fable, a myth, or even a ghost story. Folktale mostly speaks about how the story is told rather than the actual genre itself. One can read Spanish short stories which are in the form of folktales.
  • Legend – A legend is something that is based on some historical facts. The main character becomes a legend because of his historical account.
  • Trickster tale – This is a story about a character who is humanlike, who is very intelligent, and who has a great ability to use tricks on other characters in the story. 
  • Poetry and verse – These books are with stories that rhyme. It can be any story, and the main part is that it helps support language development and memory.
  • Non-fiction – These books are based on science. For e.g., a book on dinosaurs or sea animals. They are all factual and have a fictional character as a guide.




Stories are important for children as it increases their confidence level and language learning. It relaxes and calms the mind like no other and, helps kids to develop their imagination. For Children trying to learn a new language, stories are one of the easiest ways.


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