How to Style Linen Pants For Women

Are you looking for something stylish, lightweight, and breathable? Look no further than linen pants for women. They are very comfortable but sometimes people have trouble styling them.

We will go over the best ways to style linen pants this Summer or Winter. You might think you can’t wear pants in the Summertime but you can wear linen pants easily due to how lightweight they are. They are great on even extremely hot days.

You might be wondering how to wear linen pants if you care about fashion. If you don’t style linen pants correctly they might look like pajama pants instead of something to leave the house in.

However, if you put together an outfit with linen pants following some fashion guidance, linen pants can look great on any occasion from the beach to a business meeting.

Most of the time natural linen pants come in cream colors, beige, or sand however there are more colorful ones as well. The natural colors are much easier to style. You might even end up considering linen shorts for women with these rules.

Consider Adding Texture

When you wear loose wide-leg linen pants, you can look like you are wearing a pajama set if you don’t add texture. You can do this by adding hats, jewelry items, or perhaps a jacket made of denim. If you add a jacket and accessories that is even better.

Wear a Nice Top With Linen Pants

Another fashion tip with wearing linen pants is to wear a nice top with them to avoid the pajama look. You need to pick out this top with a lot of thought for it to look right. If you are going for a more casual look, then a basic top could work. However if you are planning to wear linen pants to the office or somewhere that style is needed, you’ll want to choose a nicer top. This will kick your outfit up a notch.

Don’t Wear Loose Tops

Most linen pants are wide legs. However, no matter the style they should be paired with a tighter-fitting top to avoid the pj look. You shouldn’t cover the higher waist or belt with a loose-fitting top. They look better when the hem of the shirt meets the waistband of the pants. Sometimes you can tie shirts or twist them at the bottom to make them work. You want something that is at a good length and not baggy. You need to show your body shape.

Wear Linen Pants With Nice Shoes

What shoes to wear with linen pants highly depends on where you are wearing them. If you are going to the beach, you could just wear flip-flops. However, if you are looking to create a fashion statement for a dinner party or going to the office, you’ll want to pair linen pants with really nice shoes. These would be made of leather or suede or other high-quality materials. You should wear shoes that at least look expensive, and if you are bringing a purse or clutch they should match.

Some Ways to Wear Linen Pants

Now that you know some of the fashion rules for linen pants you might be curious about some outfit ideas for certain occasions. Not only are linen pants comfortable but they always look great when styled properly. Here are some ideas.


To do a casual look with linen pants, they good well with flat shoes. This could be a pair of white sneakers or a pair of flats. You can add a white shirt. You might want to pair it with a neutral-colored bag too. This will encourage you to wear your linen pants more often.


To create a more elegant look with linen pants instead of pairing your pants with sneakers, consider white sandals. Instead of a basic white shirt, choose a cropped one, and add accessories. You might want a leather clutch and some gold earrings. You’d look great with a hat too!


For a party look, you might want to go more colorful instead of neutral-colored linen pants consider pink or blue. Consider a cute blouse and nice sandals, maybe a fringe bag to top it off.


To create the perfect office look with linen pants, you might pair them with a white button-down. Add beige heels or black flat mules. If your linen pants have a belt you can tuck in a single-color blouse and have the belt match your shoes.

In Conclusion

There are so many ways to wear linen pants. The list of outfit ideas us endless, but hopefully you now have a good foundation on how to style linen pants for women. Now you can match them in an outfit and not look like you are getting ready to go to sleep. You can wear linen pants anywhere, from the office to the beach.

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