How to Select the Best Wooden Furniture for Your Office

For office wooden furniture, there are various wood options to consider. Each wood type has distinct characteristics in terms of density, colour, finishing, and grain. However, choosing a wood type for office furniture is vital to ensure it matches the interior and class of your workspace. It also plays a major factor in resale, restoration, or discarding a furniture piece in the future.

While you can use a specific wood type to make furniture, all woods are not the same. That is the reason you need to make the decision wisely. When it comes to picking the right wood for your furniture, you need to know the properties it must possess. 

In this article, we share various types of woods and their characteristics to ensure that you choose the wood type that is best for your workspace. Without any furniture ado, let us jump into it:

  1. Mahogany

According to the top furniture exporters from India, Mahogany is a great choice for office furniture. Mahogany is versatile, durable, and more traditional-looking. So, it would give a classic appeal to any office interior. 

Characteristics of mahogany:

  • Straight, fine grain
  • Moderately heavy and medium texture
  • The classic, warm look
  • Long-lasting with proper care 
  • Resistant to rotting from water 
  • The colour varies from medium brown to deep reddish-brown

Ideal for: Ornate furniture, high-end furniture, interior millwork, wood veneers, or large furniture. 

  1. Maple

Another great wood type for office furniture is maple. It is sturdy, durable, and resistant to splitting. Plus, it is easy to clean using a damp cloth. 

Characteristics of maple:

  • Wears well
  • Non-toxic, so great for office kitchen cutting boards
  • Suitable for all finishes
  • Ranges from deep reddish-brown hue to pale golden colour 
  • Straight and closed grain 

Ideal for: Office furniture like tables and desks.

  1. Walnut

Walnut is well-known for its toughness and gorgeous grainy character. It is perfect to grab the attention of visitors. 

Characteristics of walnut:

  • Stunning grains
  • Resists warping
  • Withstands intricate carving
  • Suffers some shrinkage over time 
  • Highly versatile
  • Smooth surface for the desired finish 

Ideal for: Panelling, cabinetry, tables, and even mantels.

  1. Cherry

Cherry wood is quite flexible yet durable. It boasts of smooth grain for a stunning appearance. 

Characteristics of cherry:

  • A rich colour that darkens over time
  • It steams easily, so it is ideal for curvy designs 
  • Smooth texture
  • Highly durable
  • Moderate natural lustre

Ideal for: Cabinets, desks, carvings, flooring, decoration, and turnings.

  1. Oak

Oak is a durable, multi-faceted hardwood that looks great in various finishes.

Characteristics of oak:

  • Dense and long-lasting
  • Beautiful open grain
  • The colour range varies from light brown to pinkish-red
  • Stain and scratch-resistant with proper finishing 

Ideal for: Modern furniture, desks, ornate designs, and traditional furniture.

  1. Cedar

It is another beautiful wood type for office furniture. 

Characteristics of cedar:

  • Weather-resistant
  • Different hues
  • Aromatic quality keeps bugs away
  • Resistant to cracking and warping

Ideal for: Cabinets, outdoor furniture, interior panelling, hope chests, etc.

  1. Pine

It is one of the cheapest wood types to use for furniture. The best part is that it blends well with other woods. 

Characteristics of Pine:

  • Lightweight
  • Cheapest wood for furniture
  • Susceptible to damage
  • Smooth, fine grains
  • Paints well
  • The colour varies from white to brownish red
  • Resistant to shrinkage and swelling

Ideal for: Tables, desks, other office furniture, or cabinet designs. 


You can consider these common wood types for office furniture. But when you want to export furniture from India, try to deal with a professional and reputed furniture manufacturer. It will ensure that you deal in the best quality wooden furniture without any issues.

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