How To Get An EPF E-Passbook Online?

The Employees Provident Fund Organisation established a facility that lets the members download the EPF passbook using their Universal Account Number and a UAN login. With this feature, EPF members can download and save their member passbook and review the entries made over time. Your UAN e-passbook can quickly obtain all the information regarding your EPF balance. But first, let us promptly summarise EPF for better understanding.

What Is EPF?

Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) is a required savings program. The employer and the employee make equal monthly contributions to the plan. It covers every organisation with 20 or more employees. There are currently close to 50 million EPFO subscribers.

What Is The EPF E-passbook?

EPF members can check their EPF account statement online using the EPF e-passbook facility. They can view their account statement, print it out, and download their member passbook. Members can also check their account balance.

Customers who wish to utilise this service must first register on the UAN website and perform a UAN login. Your PF account information, including employee and employer contributions, withdrawals, and interest earned, is detailed in this passbook.

The EPF e-passbook contains the following information:

  • An establishment identification number and business name (Employer).
  • Member name and Member ID (Employee).
  • Name and classification of the EPFO office.
  • The split contribution between the employer and the employee.
  • The employer and the employees’ deposit and withdrawal contributions each month.
  • Monthly payment made to the employee’s pension account.
  • The statement also states the date and time you have printed the passbook.

How To Download An Online EPF Member Passbook?

Online EPF Passbooks are available for download and printing for EPFO members. Through the EPF website, this service is accessible. Let’s look at how an employee can use the EPF portal to download an e-passbook:

  • Visit the Member Passbook page on the EPFO website.
  • Enter the password you created at the EPF member portal along with your UAN. Perform a UAN login by clicking the “Login” button.
  • The screen will show all EPF accounts connected to your UAN’s Member IDs. To view your passbook, click the EPF Member ID under “Select Member ID.”
  • A pdf version of your EPF member passbook will open. You can also directly download and print this passbook.

How To Download Your Member Passbook Using The UMANG App?

Using the UMANG app, follow the steps below to get your EPF Passbook:

  • Get the UMANG app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Choose the ‘EPFO’ choice under the ‘All Services tab.
  • Click “View Passbook” under “Employee Centric Service.”
  • Give your UAN number and do a UAN login, and your registered mobile number will be sent an OTP.
  • Enter the received OTP to continue.
  • The screen will display the Member IDs for each EPF account connected to your UAN. To view and download the EPF passbook, click on the EPF Member ID.

Benefits Of E-passbook

There are multiple benefits of the EPFO e-passbook. Some of them are as follows:

  • For those who have EPF accounts, the e-passbook is a valuable and time-saving feature.
  • You keep track of the balance of your EPS account, which is helpful for retirement planning.
  • Every transaction is displayed in the e-passbook, allowing you to monitor whether or not your employer consistently contributes.
  • You can learn about any mistakes in your information and request that they immediately correct them.
  • After leaving that company for another job, you can still print and download your electronic member passbook.

Thus, now have acquainted yourself with the numerous benefits of an EPFO e-passbook. You can download your member passbook using the above-mentioned guidelines.  

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