When you think of a luxurious sleep experience, you may want to explore silk bedding as ordinary bedding just doesn’t cut it when it comes to the benefits of sleeping in silk.

 Silk sheets are the perfect solution for your good night’s slumber. Silk bedding offers an aesthetic setting in your comfort space,  imparts a luxurious feel with numerous perks.

If you are unaware of the amazing perks of silk bedding, this article will be a helpful guide.

The advantages of silk bedding: 

  • Soft and Smooth Feel to Your Skin & Hair 

Resting or sleeping on ordinary bedding the whole night may leave unfavourable effects on your skin. For instance, cotton  absorbs your natural silk and hair moisture  making them dry and dull.  Synthetics  on the other hand are very uncomfortable as  they trap heat and also irritate the skin on a long run. 

Silk bedding which includes Mulberry silk pillowcases however, keeps your skin nourished and slows down the aging wrinkles, preventing your youthful glow. Moreover, silk offers better functioning for your hair health as well. Silk bedding allows your hair to stay hydrated, not break due to unnecessary friction and making your hair more manageable. 

  • Resists Dust and Pathogens 

Luxury isn’t limited to appealing visuals in your room but goes beyond offering you uninterrupted sleep. Unlike other bedding, the best silk sheets don’t let dust, mites, and other crawlies reside. If you are an asthma or allergy sufferer, pure Mulberry Silk bedding may help prevent these conditions from worsening. Unwanted dust and allergens may irritate your skin. However, silk is naturally hypoallergenic and so acts as a barrier between your skin at the mites.

  • Optimises Temperature 

Silk bedding prevents overheating and supports your healthy sleep. Pure Mulberry Silk bedding naturally wicks away the moisture from the body and keeps you cool and comfortable while you enjoy the beautiful sleeping hours. Even when the temperature dips, it gives you a warm feeling of comfort. Being lightweight and holding the lustrous appeal, silk bedding gives you a comforting feel with thermoregulating properties. 

  • Unrivaled Comfort 

The threads of Mulberry Silk tend to maintain a strong bond. With the blend of technological advancement and thread weaving, silk bedding provides unrivaled comfort. When you start sleeping on silk bedding, it significantly affects your sleep quality. The shimmering texture of the silk sheets smoothly glides over your skin, keeping you uninterrupted the whole night for a beautiful sleeping experience.  

Summing Up 

If you are looking for what sums up as the best and the most luxurious bedding to sleep on, it has to be pure silk. Having done our research we came across one brand that surpasses others in product offering and quality. The UK based brand Mayfairsilk offers the best silk bed sheets in 22 momme along with other silk accessories such as silk sleep masks, sleep pillowcases, silk cushions, etc.They provide OEKO-TEK Certified 100 products made of premium quality silk grade 6A silk.

Mayfairsilk is known to cater to your individual sleeping needs. This has entitled them with ‘‘Bedding Brand of the Year 2022’, ‘Prestige Awards 2022’, ‘Beauty Awards 2022’, and more. Offering their premium silk products from the UK to over 32 countries, they are now expanding their presence in premium retail stores of the Middle East and the USA. 

To make an endless choice for luxury and comfort, explore the silk collection at


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