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Furnace Repair or Replacement: Signs to Help You Choose

A furnace is a very useful item for a home. It heats your home and makes it more comfortable and cozier. Before winters one should be more particular about his furnace. He should check whether his home furnace is working or not properly.

A defective furnace may cause serious damage and be the reason for death as well. It’s difficult to find out if you should replace your furnace or repair it. All furnaces have different structures and functions so we cannot tell the exact reasons you should go for.

But we can generalize some points you should consider for your furnace replacement and repair. It is a tricky situation.

Emission of Carbon Monoxide:

Carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas. Your furnace is emitting such gas in your environment but if your furnace is putting you in danger, you should immediately replace it. The combustion chamber if it has cracks and the mono oxide is leaking vigorously, replace your furnace in the first place.

Mono oxide gas is colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas which is a silent killer. Inhalation of this gas can cause death. In 2015-2019 more than 2000 people were found dead during the winter season because of this poisonous gas.

Now the question arises, how do you know that your furnace is emitting carbon monoxide?

  • Increase in moisture on window panes, doors, and walls
  • An undefective furnace has a blue flame instead of yellow
  • Soot around the furnace
  • Chimney has no upward draft
  • Rusting on pipes
  • If you feel sick and have a continuous disease like; flu, headache, nausea, and disorientation.

If you are suffering from all the above symptoms. Call your utility provider and ask them to turn off your gas supply. Replace your furnace or call some agency for furnace replacement

The Age of Your Furnace:

Age is an important factor to estimate, should you repair or replace your furnace? Unfortunately, things go down in their working age. It also varies with the usage and condition of your equipment. But mostly a furnace has an age of 15 years.

This estimated age also depends on the quality, brand, and company of the product. If your furnace’s age is 15 years you should go for the replacement, and repair it if its age is 12 years old or nearby. There is another indication, from which you can identify whether your furnace is worth repairing or not.

If you get it repaired a year ago and it is an old one, then there is a strong chance you should replace it with the new system. This will be a wise choice.

Repairing Cost:

Prices of furnaces vary with quality, brand, and size. Replacing would be a better option if your repair cost is more than your replacement cost. A furnace cost ranges from 2000$ to 6500$, you can pick any according to your budget.

You should adopt the 50/50 rule. If your repair cost is fifty percent of your purchasing price or more, then you should replace it and if it is less than fifty percent you should repair your furnace.

Increased Heating Bills:

Heating costs can fluctuate from time to time just like your gas costs for a car. This happens because of supply and demand. Your gas bills also depend on your gas consumption. That little increase in bills is normal but if you notice an abrupt change in your bill figures.

You should inspect your furnace. With time the furnace starts wearing out and consumes more gas to perform its function. In this case, you can again consider the age of your furnace and decide to replace or repair it.

Your Furnace is Less Effective:

Have you noticed that you have to set the thermostat often to keep some areas of your home warm? Your furnace is not heating your rooms. If the answer is yes, that means your furnace is losing its effectiveness. If you feel your heating system is losing its power.

It was more powerful in the last seasons. That means the heating ducts are not working well. It is time for maintenance. If it’s only a duct system that is making problems for furnace working then there is no need for furnace replacement.

Frequent Repair:

Your furnace is creating problems and you have to take it to the repair shop frequently. Stop wasting your money and efforts on such worn-out items. Replacing it would be a better decision instead of spending money for no productive reasons.

But if your furnace is young or its new and demands repairing often then you should change your residential furnace repair agency. the previous person may fail to identify it.

Strange Noises:

Making noises while it’s running on or off is normal. But if your furnace is making noises louder and continuously then your furnace needs attention. Pay attention to the type of noise, where it is coming from.

Try to distinguish the noise you are listening to either it is a humming sound, rattling sound, screeching, or popping sound. The furnace produces such sounds when it has a defect in the motor and has unsecured ductwork. The system should be repaired if possible or you should replace it.

Plan to Sell Our House:

Homebuyers always consider every aspect of the property before making a buying decision. If you are planning to sell your house and your heating system is not working well, it will affect the value of your home. You may not be able to sell your home fast.

You should replace a problematic heating system before the inspection of your home by the buyer. Installing a new system would be a great investment if you plan to sell your home in the next 2 to 3 years.

Retirement Plan:

If you are going to retire soon. Replacing your furnace would be a great idea. Because after retirement you will have a cozy comfortable home. Make repairs if you have a newer and efficient heating system.

These points of consideration will help you. But if you are unable to identify whether your heating system has problems or not, call a furnace repairing agency.

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