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The majority of the cosmetics sold in department stores include various chemicals. Certain substances are harmful to our bodies. They fall into the category of chemical solvents, and they have the capability of dissolving other substances. Some of the adverse effects of exposure to phthalates are the destruction of various organs, including kidneys, liver, and lungs. Another substance that can be harmful to nail polishes is toluene rivaj uk sun block price in pakistan. It’s flammable and can cause nails to be dry and fragile. If you don’t want to use chemical polishes available on the market, opt for a water-based natural polish. These natural formulas, the majority of them are made from water and do not contain chemical solvents like toluene and phthalates. The coloring agents used in these formulas are derived from carmines (a dried insect that, after it is boiling, the color gets created), minerals such as iron oxides found in beets, and the yellow spice known as turmeric.

Every day, as women apply cosmetics to their skin, she’s exposed to all sorts of hazardous chemicals, including some heavy metals, such as arsenic, cadmium, and lead. They’re not just in facial makeup but also in shampoo, deodorant, and perfume. Women are the majority who wear eye shadow regularly. The ingredient in this cosmetic is called polyvinyl pyrrolidine (PVP). It has been proven to cause allergic reactions in some people. It is essential to read the labels before purchasing any eyeshadow brand and avoid products containing PVP.

Lipstick is another item of cosmetics that women frequently use. Recent reports from the past year have revealed that this product is made of lead, and exposure to lead is particularly damaging to women planning to have. Children exposed to lead have been observed to suffer from lower school performance and a lower IQ compared to pupils who were not exposed to heavy metals.

If you’re looking for safe lipstick, select one that does not contain synthetic colors or preservatives and is free of lead keune protein treatment kit price in pakistan. Organic lipsticks are a better and safer choice as they do not contain chemicals, petroleum, or any FD&C color. One of the principal ingredients of Chapstick and lipsticks is beeswax. The primary colorant used in these products is iron oxide. It is important to understand that a natural and synthetic version of iron oxide is available. The natural iron oxide is extracted from the earth’s surface. It could contain a tiny quantity of heavy metals, such as arsenic and even lead. The chemical is to be safe to use in cosmetics.

It isn’t naturally occurring and is therefore not suitable for cosmetics. Certain natural lip products contain moisturizing ingredients such as aloe gel, shear butter, and jojoba oils as they help keep the lips moist. Because the products we apply on our lips may be consumed and absorbed by our mouths, it’s important to stay clear of products that are laced with chemical substances that are harmful or artificial coloring agents.

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