Everything to Know about the Overhaul Process in Stamping Presses

The mechanical assembly of a stamping press is designed to shape or cut metal, which is then enforced by deforming the metal with a die. Similarly, the overhaul process refers to the general maintenance performed on a machine or industrial equipment. This process strives to keep the machine or equipment functional.

Various steps are involved in the overhaul process of a stamping press that requires caution to maintain the machine or equipment. These include:

  1. The first step involves identifying the weaknesses of the press. This step is carried out through a phase of expert analysis. 
  2. Subsequently, a list of specifications for the work to be undertaken is formulated. It includes the mechanical and electrical aspects that need to be reviewed.
  3. Finally, the potential malfunctions in the progressive die and stamping process are also assessed. 

The various aspects of the steps and obstacles of the overhaul process in stamping presses are explained below.

Understanding the Mechanical Aspects

Inspecting the mechanical aspects involves assessing the geometry and clearances along with visual observation. For example, a gear reducer converts the motor’s rotational movement into a traveling motion of the slide(s). This step helps carry the process through the slide on which the tool is fixed. Such a reducer comprises connecting rods, gears, shafts with bearings, etc. The precision of the machine or equipment reduces if these parts wear out.

During the overhaul process, clearances can be measured when the press is inspected through the following operations:

  • Assessing the condition of the parts through a visual inspection
  • By incorporating the use of a jack.

After inspection during the overhaul process, wear is most frequently observed on the bushes. Parts of the machine or equipment that are not considered worn parts may also cause stoppages.

A significant obstacle in the overhaul process is the consequence of the poor maintenance of the press. Such a situation can make it necessary to completely change the kinetics, i.e., all the transmission elements.

Catering to the Electronic Aspects

The mechanical assembly of the electronic components must undergo an overhaul. It is required because the obsolescence of electronic components means that these must be replaced. 

The challenge faced while carrying out the overhaul of the electronic aspects is arranging spare parts. If a part of the system has not been on the market for several years, it can get problematic. Moreover, it might be challenging to find such a part of the system in the event of a breakdown. A solution to counter this obstacle is to keep a stock of the critical and complex parts.

Countermeasures to challenges faced during progressive die and stamping

  • Malfunction in the progressive stamping punching edge: One of the causes of this malfunction is a condition where the knife’s edge wears off. Grinding the edge is a countermeasure to tackle this challenge.
  • Blockage in the material for progressive die stamping: It occurs when the leakage hole is either too large or too small. Altering the leakage hole is a practical solution to tackle it. 

It also occurs when the stamping oil drops fast, and the oil is sticky. It can be solved by regulating the amount of oil that drips and replacing the oil type.

  • Breakage or fracture in the punching and blanking head: Such breakage or fracture occurs when the punching strength is insufficient. The solutions for handling this situation include modifying the design and increasing the overall strength of the punch. Additionally, reducing the size of the straight edge of the die or paying attention to the slope of the edge of the punch and the curved shape can also be helpful. 


On a concluding note, an overhaul must be done to regain the initial functionality of a stamping press. It aids in improving the overall productivity of the mechanical assembly of equipment.

Regular overhaul can make the mechanical, progressive die and stamping, and other aspects of a machine more reliable. In addition, care and caution can aid in overcoming the challenges while carrying out an overhaul.

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